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Scripture Reveals The Truth That 

We have been trained by our traditions that YAHSHUA was the SAVIOUR when in fact HE was the hope and assurance of our SAVIOUR YAHWEH. We cannot do things according to our feelings and our traditions, for feelings are going to damn more people into hell than anything upon the face of the earth. It is not as much about your sins as it is about your emotional tinglings that bring you unto bondage whereby there is no liberty to truly worship the ABBA. When you really seek the ABBA YAHWEH and study HIS Word you will see a new revelation and understanding as never before. Open your hearts to a new light as scripture reveals the truth of our SAVIOUR and who HE is!!! 

Proof Through Scripture The NAME Of Our SAVIOUR

Scripture is our road map through this life and everything is based on scripture. Tehillim (Psalms) 27: SchmuEl Alef-(1) and Bet-(2) (Samuel) 1-3 David proclaims that YAHWEH is his yeshua and Yahudah (Jude) 1:24-25 says YAHWEH is our SAVIOUR for it is only in the NAME of YAHWEH, which is the NAME that MESSIYAH upheld to show us the strength of yeshua and that is able to keep us from falling. YAHSHUA came in the ABBA'S NAME for HIS NAME means YAHWEH is our yeshua and YeshaYahu (Isaiah) 43:11 again witnessed that YAHWEH is our SAVIOUR. The New Testament in Timtheous- Alef (1 Timothy) 1:1, 2:3 and 4:10 and Teitus (Titus) 3:4 Saul confirms the NAME of our SAVIOUR.

To Be Tried Of The NAME That Is Written In Our Forehead

Religion and traditions will bring you under bondage and you will never be able to go forth from that bondage. What YAHWEH is doing now is bringing us into the light of HIS TRUTH for HE is going to have a people that will truly worship HIM. We today must get the NAME of YAHWEH entrenched down in our heart and soul because when the powers of hell are manifested they are going to try you of the name that is written in your forehead. What NAME is going to be written in your forehead? It is not the SON'S NAME because as scripture tells us Yochanan saw the 144 thousand with the ABBA'S NAME written in their foreheads. What was the ABBA'S NAME that he saw? The ABBA has a NAME and it is not god or lord, it is YAHWEH! 

Pagan Name Of Jesus Takes Away From Honour Of The ABBA

YAHSHUA MESSIYAH did not come to destroy the identity of the ABBA YAHWEH'S NAME nor did HE take anything away from the identity of the ABBA, but the pagan name of Jesus takes away from honour of the ABBA. MESSIYAH is the anointed one of YAHWEH, HE is not the christo or christ, which means anointed one and there is a distinct difference. The Greeks use that word christo because there was many anointed ones, many perfumed ones that had a savoring smell but MESSIYAH is the one that came from the bosom of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH.

Do You Know Why YAHWEH Sent YAHSHUA?

 In  Timtheous Alef 2:5 Saul tells us "For there is one YAHWEH, and one mediator between YAHWEH and men, the man MESSIYAH YAHSHUA;" By the spirit of YAHWEH, YAHSHUA was impregnated into the womb of Miriam and became flesh like you and me. YAHSHUA had to experience that to show us the assurance of YAHWEH's yeshua, which was the saving power of YAHWEH in MESSIYAH, because YAHWEH saved HIM and kept HIM from falling.

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