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YAHWEH Is The Key of Knowledge to Understand Scripture

Unless a man is lead by the spirit of YAHWEH he will not understand scripture, the plan, the will and the purpose of the ABBA (Father). If YAHWEH does not lead that man then he has no understanding of the profoundness of YAHWEH's truth. Everything that we have learned or been handed down has been done by the traditions of men. 

 SetApart Pureness Is A Set Apart Anointing

MESSIYAH came with a two edged sword of YAHWEH to cut, to destroy, to bring down, to dismantle and to show that a man even in a body of flesh could fulfill all the righteousness of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH. HE left us a pattern and example that we must follow in HIS footsteps. MESSIYAH came not to give scripture but to fulfill what had been written. YAHSHUA declared HIMSELF to be the SON OF YAHWEH by the spirit of SetApart Pureness and by the resurrection of the dead. SetApart Pureness is a set apart anointing, it sets you apart from all the worldly aspirations whereby your thoughts, your actions, your deeds and the pattern of your life does not exemplify what the world does. It is totally different, for our desires are different and our compassion is different.

 Battle Against The Contingency Of Hell

Luke 24:45 He opened their understanding that they might understand the laws of Moshe (Moses), the prophets and psalms. YAHSHUA began to show them the excellence of YAHWEH's power to send forth this redemption that will identify as to who the REDEEMER is. That they may know HIS authority, HIS power and HIS might for the only way that they can understand is that YAHWEH opens their understanding. YAHWEH will lead HIS people to the truth and bring them forth to the place where they can battle against the contingency of hell because it is going to take YAHWEH's strength to do it.

Trick From Hell And The Powers Of Darkness

Malachi 2:1-9 Many have departed from the Laws and precepts of YAHWEH and have been partial with the Laws. They like the parts that they like, they reject the things that they do not like and they will take a piece of a Law and a piece of their tradition to make laws as the scribes and Pharisees. When you say that YAHWEH'S NAME does not matter, for what is this name of the one that you do not take in vain, then that is a trick from hell and the powers of darkness. Satan is going to stand in the righteous place and say that he is the righteous one of YAHWEH. That is exactly what he has done with the name Jesus, he has taken away the honour of YAHWEH'S NAME and given a pagan and false name so HE can not be seen in that name. The name Jesus lies against YAHWEH because it takes away HIS place of exaltation. There are 7 apostate spirits that come forth when a man holds the truth of YAHWEH in unrighteousness as written in Romans.

YAHWEH never intended for all men to know and understand scriptural truths that would bring about a quickening within his soul so that everything he does would please the ABBA.

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