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HIS Servants Yada And Extol YAHWEH'S NAME

To Understand Who HE Is We Must Yada (Know) HIM And HIS NAME YAHWEH

Contents Of Sermon Message:

YAHWEH intends for HIS servants to yada and extol HIS NAME

YAHWEH intends for HIS servants to yada and extol HIS NAME above the heights of the heavens that they may bring honour and great exaltation to HIM, to make known as to who HE is. What a wonderful hour and time that YAHWEH has granted unto us to be in to bring forth witness of HIS profound truth and the integrity of HIS NAME, for HIS NAME is above all names.

Forces Of Darkness Are Battling Against The Integrity Of YAHWEH

In this tremendous hour that we are living in the forces of darkness are battling against the integrity of YAHWEH. We see the things that are transpiring naturally and the sadistic minds of men today as the thing that has transpired in Iraq. The leaders of the nation have said that this is not representative of the nation of America and yet it is so. This is a nation that is filled with rapists, murderers, thieves, fornicators, adulteresses, liars, perverts and the TV is filled with perverted things and still they say this thing done in Iraq is not a representation of America. This nation is one that has more prisons than any nation on the face of the earth with pornography, one of the largest businesses here in America that sells more than all the pro football sports and all the music together combined. What was done in Iraq is a carbon copy of the sadistic corrupt wicked nature of this nation, for it is a nation that has rejected YAHWEH and because of that it is a cursed nation.

Worship YAHWEH For That Is Our Separation

The only way that you are not going to be caught under the bondage of the curse of this nation is to acknowledge the ABBA (FATHER) YAHWEH and that you give great honour to esteem HIM. YAHWEH is not mocked whatever this nation has sown in her sins and corruption, she shall pay for it for they are going to reap. They will disallow the Law of YAHWEH to satisfy their flesh and to satisfy those things that they believe that are for their advantage. They will do away with YAHWEH'S Commandments and say that they are not relevant for this hour. HE intends for us to come out from this wicked nation to be a separate people that we can worship YAHWEH for that is our separation. Scripture tells us how to get there and why we must, because YAHWEH seeketh such and HIS heart is so desperate for HE seeketh such as worship HIM.

To Understand Who HE Is We Must Yada (Know) HIM And HIS NAME YAHWEH

Who is the HIM that we are worshipping? We are not worshipping man, we are worshipping the ABBA and for us to understand who HE is we must yada (know) HIM and HIS NAME YAHWEH.

Extol YAHWEH'S NAME, all you HIS servants,
 and you that fear HIM, both small and great. 

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