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YAHWEH Calls Royal Kohen (Priest) 
To Bring An Offering Of Praise

Strength of a Kohen (Priest) Is YAHWEH's Torah That Governs Him

We are identified as a YAHWEH'S royal ka hunnah (priesthood) and we must have on the clothing of a  kohen (priest). The royal clothing that is required of a kohen (priest) is his mitre, his breastplate, his phylacteries, his helmet and his feet shod for he has on the garment of YAHWEH. The phylacteries that the kohen (priest) usually wears on his arm YAHWEH has now put it in our hearts. YAHWEH calls us a royal ka hunnah (priesthood) and in order for someone to be esteemed to that royal status then there is a course that they must go through to get to that height. You did not just become a high kohen (priest) because you were a kohen (priest), there had to be fidelity with love and commitment unto the ABBA (FATHER) that was acknowledged and known. YAHWEH exalted that one to the pentacle of power that he might bring the offered (sacrificial) offering into the house and the bosom of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH.   

We Must Get Back To The Principles Of YAHWEH

 We cannot continue to walk in our traditions that have lead us astray down an error path whereby there is no blessed assurance in the souls of YAHWEH'S people. Every kind of outlaw spirit that there is runs rampart in the minds of man today. It controls their actions and their thoughts so that it manipulates their thinking power or their ability to think and to do the things that are righteously ordained unto us by the law, the ordinances and the righteous ways of YAHWEH. The blessings of YAHWEH will fill a man's heart so that he knows without any doubt at all that HIS ABBA (FATHER), HIS REDEEMER certainly lives and for him to die in HIM is the assurance because he knows that there is a life beyond this natural biological life that we now live.

Our High Kohen (Priest) Suffered That Shameful Thing To Hang Upon A Tree

Hoshea (Hosea) 4:6 Hoshea's ministry was one of restoration as he began to preach unto the house of Yisrael the restoration of YAHWEH. He showed them their condition and what was the end of them by taking upon a harlot. He endured that shameful situation to show that YAHWEH would bring about restoration unto the house of Yisrael. 

So has YAHWEH done in this hour, for MESSIYAH bore all of our sins in that body and to suffer that shameful thing to hang upon a tree the way HE did.

YAHWEH Says That You Cannot Be A Royal Kohen (Priest)

When a man rejects the Law of YAHWEH he is no more a kohen (priest) unto YAHWEH. A kohen may fall and transgress the LAW, but there is a difference between transgressing and rejecting. When one rejects the Law of YAHWEH they say that they are not important or they say that that is of no relevance that HE has a NAME. Because you have forgotten the LAW, or removed it from you YAHWEH says that you cannot be a royal kohen (priest). The strength of a kohen is that there is a LAW that governs him for that is why YAHWEH will not give us the LAW written upon stone anymore. You must have YAHWEH'S Law down in your heart and inward parts, for if you do not get them there you will never get them in your natural mind. 

YAHWEH Called Us To Be Royal Kohen (Priests) To Bring An Offering Of Praise Unto HIM

YAHWEH called us all to be royal kohen (priests) that we can bring an offering of praise and thanksgiving, for we know that in time past the people had to bring their offering unto the kohen (priest). As a royal kohen we have an altar that we can go before and lay our gift down and get our hearts right before the living YAHWEH. What a profound thing that YAHWEH has done for us and no other religion allows the people to do that.

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