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YAHWEH Has Peculiar People SetApart For Particular Service

Purchased Price To Secure
YAHWEH'S Peculiar People

MESSIYAH came as the purchased price to secure a peculiar people unto the ABBA (FATHER) YAHWEH. A peculiar people are an oddball people, a people that do not walk like the norm of society, a special people. They are different nor act like the world, they are so unique that there is only one house like that and it is the chosen elect people of YAHWEH. YAHWEH said that HE would purify unto HIMSELF a people to make them clean and pure, a special people SetApart and zealous for HIS righteous works, the Torah  (Law) and commands.

YAHWEH Has Called A SetApart People

The fear of YAHWEH is the beginning of wisdom and a good understanding have all they that do HIS Commandments. YAHWEH has called a SetApart people for a particular service unto HIM. Words do have meanings.    Furthermore, if we would simply take the time to try and see what YAHWEH is trying to express unto us then our understanding would become more fruitful and a wellspring of life which dwell in our souls. Our only security in this hour is the confidence of YAHWEH'S Truth, moreover that we take consolation in what HE says.

A Peculiar People Are Distinct And Different From The Usual Or Norm

We are chosen and elected by the mercy and love of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH. HE has elected a people that they should show forth the praises of YAHWEH for you must acknowledge the One that has elected you. We are a royal ka hunnah (priesthood) and have the power of an official officer to go directly before the throne of our ABBA to give offerings and praises unto YAHWEH. We are a SetApart nation meaning SetApart for a service unto YAHWEH and different from the world. We are a peculiar people which means belonging to one's own, we are distinct and different from the usual or norm. 

Marvelous Light Revealed Unto Us, The Hope In MESSIYAH

We should show forth the praises and accolades unto YAHWEH that hath called us out of darkness into HIS marvelous light. MESSIYAH is that marvelous light of YAHWEH and HE revealed unto us the light of the hope in that body so that we can have hope in HIM.

YAHWEH Gives Us The Conditions To Be YAHWEH's Peculiar People

Shemoth (Exodus) 19:5 You must obey the voice of YAHWEH and know what HE speaks. For YAHWEH wants HIS people to keep HIS Covenant His constitution that HE speaks to us. Then if we do all these things we shall be a peculiar treasure unto HIM above all people. YAHWEH gives us the conditions to be a peculiar people.

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