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Our ABBA YAHWEH'S Great NAME Brings Forth Abundant Fruit

The Reason Why There Is Very Little Fruit

ABBA YAHWEH'S Word shows us the reason there is very little fruit in our life. MESSIYAH talked about the sowing of seed, the Word of faith, the Word of strength and hope. HE said that which is sown on good ground. HE makes a difference between good ground and bad ground that brings forth fruit abundantly. What is a good ground? Out of a good and honest heart, for that is where the profound fruit comes from. The only ones that will hear what YAHWEH is saying will have a good and honest heart. Also that one through patience will endure the opposition regardless of the trial and how severe it is. These are the ones that bring forth fruit abundantly with patience and fruit in the extension of life.

How To Survive And Overcome The Forces Of Hell

When a man is sincere and desires the pure things of YAHWEH he will began to sense those good things that YAHWEH speaks to him. When HE speaks it in reproof, rebuke, admonishment, correction or whatever HE does is good for he knows that whatever YAHWEH says is good and it is perfect for the strength of his own survival. You are not going to survive or overcome the forces of hell without the knowledge and profound truth of YAHWEH embedded down in your soul.

What Is The Definition Of A  ABBA ( FATHER)?

The definition of ABBA is one that is the originator where all origins began, transmitter, author of the family that is animated or made alive by the same spirit as himself. That is why MESSIYAH could call YAHWEH HIS ABBA for HE moved in the same Spirit as ALMIGHTY YAHWEH did.

Life Through The Husbandman ABBA YAHWEH

Without life in the root there is no fruit on the tree and MESSIYAH is the vine with us as the branches. MESSIYAH said MY ABBA YAHWEH is the husbandman that does the pruning. The vine is always what produces the branch and those branches that bring forth not fruit the ABBA cuts them off. When there are branches that do not produce buds you cut them off because they will take life away from the branches that produce life. YAHWEH bundles them together and throws them into the fire of darkness hell.

We should bring forth fruit unto YAHWEH

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