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Praise Always and Forever, All Is Unto The ABBA (FATHER) YAHWEH

For I AM YAHWEH, I Change Not

YAHWEH is the same yesterday, today and forever. HIS attributes never change and HIS Law never changes. THEY do not save us, for it is the assurance that we receive of the manifestation of the Law in the body of MESSIYAH that gives us the hope that we know what our sins are. That is what the Law does. It shows us our sins. When a man denies the power of YAHWEH and HIS Shabbat (Sabbath) then that man walks in sin.

YAHWEH Cannot Be A Figment Of Imagination

Satan has always tried to distract the attention from what thus sayeth YAHWEH and what HE is bringing forth in this hour. It is of great importance that we know who YAHWEH is. YAHWEH cannot be a figment of imagination, something that we have constructed in our thoughts and erected a kind of being that we perceive HIM to be. HE is beyond the limitation of your imagination and your thoughts. That is why we have so many doctrines and religions today because they have formed their own different gods.

Only One Light That Shineth Forth Into Darkness

YAHWEH is the ABBA of light, not plural but singular for there is only one light that shineth forth into darkness. The darkness hateth the light because it reproves the sins and workings of darkness. The ABBA is the gift giver of every good and perfect gift that comes from above. YAHWEH is continuous there is no difference from day to day throughout eternity. If YAHWEH changes then HE has no strength or value at all.

Apostles Never Denied The ABBA YAHWEH

If you will search and study the scriptures you will see that all the apostles never denied the ABBA YAHWEH. They always extolled YAHWEH first of all. They identified and exalted the ABBA YAHWEH. Then they gave reverence or thanks unto MESSIYAH, for they were the servants of MESSIYAH.

YAHWEH Intends For Us To Walk In The Way 

Tehillim (Psalms) 119:1 YAHWEH intends for us to walk in the way of the Law, When a man walks outside of the Law of YAHWEH he is not in the way of YAHWEH. MESSIYAH came to fulfill the perfect Law that YAHWEH gave unto us. That is why the prophets exalt it, that is why Moshe's strength and power was established in the Law of YAHWEH.


Jesus is a pagan name that distorts the picture of who the ABBA YAHWEH is. YAHSHUA came to open the righteous door that will show the way unto the ABBA YAHWEH so HE can receive pure worship from the lips of the saints of YAHWEH. 

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