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Sin Separates From Understanding Of True Worship Of YAHWEH

What Is True Worship Of The FATHER YAHWEH?

We must understand how to truly offer up oblations of Worship unto YAHWEH. YAHWEH must identify HIMSELF in a way that we have confidence in HIS testimony and what HE has done. This is a generation that has not perceived whom YAHWEH is. To know someone is to perceive and to perceive is to understand them. That is to fall before HIM, to bow down, to honor, to acknowledge and to call upon HIM in a personal way.

YAHWEH Will Have An Assembly, A Congregation Of HIS People

In this last hour YAHWEH will have an assembly, a congregation of people from all walks of life, a people that are scattered about all the earth that will come together collectively in the spirit of truth and righteousness to worship the FATHER YAHWEH in acknowledgement and blessings.

Do You Know Where The Power In Your Life Comes From?

The power of supremacy that rules in us is the thing that is constantly in our minds. Take a moment and do a self examination of yourself to find out what your mind gives much attention to for you think about it often, it is constantly on your thoughts, it is constantly dominating your thinking process and in everything that you do it is a part of that. Whatever that thing is it has become the supreme power in your life and rules in your spirit. The Law of the Spirit dwells in a man's mind. Whatever your mind is given over unto, takes delight in and is constantly occupied with has taken supreme identity in your life. You will build everything else in your life around that. When YAHWEH becomes that supreme mighty power in our lives then we will acknowledge HIM by obedience unto HIS commandments and HIS Law.

Want Abundant Fruit Acceptable Unto The MIGHTY KING?

YAHWEH must be the center and focus that we build everything else upon. Scripture says, set your affection upon HIM. We must love HIM with all of our heart, soul, mind and all of our strength because in doing that everything that we do will be built around YAHWEH. The exaltation of HIM, HIS kingdom power, HIS authority that HE yields in your life and men will see that you are the SON of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH. When you allow YAHWEH to rule as supreme power in your life you will begin to see abundant fruit that is acceptable unto the mighty king. The fruit of this generation is not even sparse or rotten, for there is no fruit at all. 

Hear What YAHWEH Is Saying To HIS People

YAHWEH gave us ten simple laws that bring about the excellency of worship because it sets a man's mind apart from the carnal laws of the flesh. In YirmeYah 7 YAHWEH tells us the first thing we must do is hear for he that hath ear to hear what the Spirit of YAHWEH sayeth unto the assembly or the called out congregation. YAHWEH speaks that it will spread abroad to edify and strengthen HIS people.

Exalt ye YAHWEH our FATHER,
 and worship at his footstool;

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