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Do you still have the hope of the HUSBANDMAN ABBA (FATHER) YAHWEH still coming? HE is coming for HIS bride, a faithful bride. "Thou shall have no other gods before ME." Who has bewitched you saints, to turn away from the truth and not give the living ABBA YAHWEH all the honour?  Why do we set up a defense when ABBA YAHWEH comes to judge us to put us back on that straight and narrow path? We should set up a defense to defend YAHWEH against this flesh, that we be emptied out and be converted. We should have that vehement desire to please our HUSBANDMAN to come. It is HIM and HIM alone that we should desire.

YAHWEH Judges The Heart And Weighs The Spirit Of A Man

Scripture says that you should be ready to give an answer to any man including the flesh of the hope that lies within you. Do you give a righteous answer to let them know that you are Sons of YAHWEH? Are you getting weary and are you wanton in the ways of ABBA YAHWEH and that is why you are desiring the things of this flesh? Don't you know that YAHWEH judges the heart and weighs the spirit of a man? Scripture is our roadmap and mirror that shows us ourselves. Sometimes you do not want to look at the mirror, but still it is going to be a judge to you in the end.

Our Strength To Combat Satan

"If MY people, which are called by MY NAME, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek MY face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." YAHWEH said that HE is near unto those of a broken and contrite spirit and seek to save such as. We need to get that brokenness and contrite spirit. Let the weak say that they are strong, for this flesh is weak and we need YAHWEH to make us strong. That is our only strength to combat Satan. We cannot combat these spirits without YAHWEH.

We Are Married Unto ABBA (FATHER) YAHWEH

" And showing mercy unto thousands of them that love ME, and keep MY Commandments." Don't you know that YAHWEH is going to judge us by the vows that we made when we became espoused to ABBA YAHWEH? Just like a husband and wife, when a wife marries the husband she takes upon the husbands name. So it is when we married unto ABBA YAHWEH we became the Sons of YAHWEH.


If we are the Sons of ABBA YAHWEH and waiting for our HUSBANDMAN, HE should be our strength, our peace, our hope and our all in all. What else do we have? If we gave up all to follow HIM, for HE gave up all for us to have eternal life. Don't you want to see the HUSBANDMAN when HE comes back saints?

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