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YAHWEH's NAME Will Be Made Known And HIS MIGHTY Saving Power

You have made known to me the ways of life;

In the NAME of YAHWEH is HIS saving power, as it was in the beginning, so it is now for us today. YAHWEH's NAME was no different for Sha'ul than it was for David. YAHWEH answers by fire. YAHWEH's Word should be as fire shut up in our bones. When you truly call upon YAHWEH HE will burn out all the sin and willingness to sin from your heart and soul. As it was with Judas, he was called to be a disciple yet he lost his bishopric and it was given to another. In this end time hour, do not let your bishopric be given to another.

Who Are You, El-Shaddai?

Acts 26: 15 The correct translation of this verse should read "Who are You, El-Shaddai?" (Strong's #7706) Shadday {shad-dah'-ee} 1) almighty, most powerful 1a) Shaddai, the Almighty (of YAHWEH) the voice that thundered from heaven was a Hebrew tongue saying I am YAHSHUA the LAMB. YAHSHUA did not speak Greek or English to Saul (Paul). Tehillim (Psalms) 54:1 "Save me, O Elohim, by YOUR NAME, and judge me by YOUR strength. Not only does YAHWEH's NAME mean HIS character, authority and HIS might, it is HIS mark, HIS insignia and a memorial unto who HE is.

Simple Words Move Out Of The Presence Of YAHWEH

Why do you think Eve moved away from the ABBA (FATHER)? It was simple words that moved her out of the presence of YAHWEH. If you can not receive the simple things of YAHWEH, you are not going to know when the anti-messiah comes. YAHWEH is trying to show us the trash that needs to be expunged out of us

Long To See The Honour Of The Manifestation Of YAHWEH In Flesh

The prophets of old searched for this mighty yeshua that would appear unto man. They longed to see the honour of the manifestation of YAHWEH in flesh. YeshaYah said who shall believe our report and Yochanan spoke by anointed revelation of scripture in Yochanan 12:37-38.

MESSIYAH YAHSHUA Will Be The Assurance Of Our Salvation

Tehillim (Psalms) 106:47 David knew the ABBA (Father) of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, he knew the ONE that had brought Israel out of Egypt and he made it SetApart  with Pharaoh. Shaul (Paul) also spoke of that MIGHTY NAME and he said that the one that shall come in this might, HE will be the assurance of our yeshua.

YAHWEH Said MY NAME Shall Be Made Known

Yehezqel (Ezekiel) 39:7 There is not a heathen in America that does not know the name of god or lord, but YAHWEH said MY NAME shall be made known. These heathen nations shall know that MY NAME is more than just lord or god. They shall know MY SETAPART NAME.

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