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The Testimony Of YAHSHUA Is That The Seal Of YAHWEH Is True

The testimony of YAHSHUA was of the authority of the power of YAHWEH. The power of the ABBA (FATHER) was to HIS exaltation, the power of HIS kingdom and the might of HIS strength. That is why YAHSHUA said HE would not leave us comfortless but HE would pray unto the ABBA. HE declared that HE would send us another comforter. That is the Spirit of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH. The (Strong's #6944) qodesh {ko'-desh} (Strong's #7307)  ruwach {roo'-akh}. There is no other word that express the apartness of YAHWEH's Spirit like that word in the Hebrew tongue. Ghost is a demonic power a spiritual darkness and it is not YAHWEH.

Are You Prepared For An Attack That Is From The Powers Of Hell?

There is an attack that is from the powers of hell that shall come upon the face of the earth against the true identity of ABBA YAHWEH. There are essential things that you are going to need in your soul to overcome. It will not be your tears and your emotionalism. You are going to need something much more concrete than that. To assure us that we are walking in the dynamics of the ABBA. YAHWEH said I will do a new thing in the hearts of MY people. 

YAHWEH Put A Righteous Law In The Hearts Of Israel

You cannot say that you love ALMIGHTY YAHWEH when you break HIS Law. When there is a willfulness to disobey HIM. That is the strength of the power of hell in this last hour. YAHWEH put a righteous Law in the hearts of Israel and in their inward parts. That they may know YAHWEH. That they will not need any man to teach them. The reason we must be taught is because we are carnal. We are not spiritual, nor do we consider the Law of YAHWEH spiritual today. That is why we denounce the authority of YAHWEH, HIS plan, HIS order. We go about to establish our own righteousness and our own ways which deceive our own corrupt vile wicked hearts.

Man Has Established His Own Commandments 

YAHWEH put a mind in the body of flesh YAHSHUA as a testimony to show us that we can think and walk according to HIS commands and HIS Torah (Law), to do all things to please HIM. Man has established his own commandments and they teach those commandments for doctrine. Their commandments are lies and deceitfulness to cause separation from the ABBA YAHWEH.

The testimony of YAHSHUA is the spirit of prophecy. 

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