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The Gentile Shall Know And Receive The Great NAME Of YAHWEH

YAHWEH Prepared A Man To Take This
Profound Truth Unto The Gentiles 

YAHWEH said HE would open up the profound revelation to the Gentles so they would know HIS NAME. This was 400 years before even the prophet Yochanan the baptizer ever stepped foot on the face of the earth. Yet YAHWEH had prepared a man to take this profound truth unto the Gentiles.  YAHWEH raised up Saul for a specific thing to take the Word to the Gentiles, to the heathens of the earth. That they may know the authority and power of the ABBA'S NAME.

We Have Been Begotten Of ABBA YAHWEH So We Are SONS Of YAHWEH 

We that have been birthed by the Spirit of YAHWEH are of the seed of Abraham. The Gentiles are those that are outside of Israel. Those that are not birthed of the seed of Abraham, it makes no difference of their ethnicity, they are heathens. They are given over unto heathen practices and they worship heathen gods. They worship deities and they divine to call upon different kinds of spirits to empower them. 

He Has No Law To Govern What He Does

We can see the corruption of man today in every aspect of life for he is doing his own will and he is doing those things that are righteous in his own sight. He has determined, because he is a god that what he does is right.  His thoughts and his imaginations are based upon whatever extreme thing that he can conjure up in his mind. He has given himself over unto vile unclean spirits. Because of this the Law of YAHWEH, HIS power and HIS anointing has no power at all in his life. 

 What Does Scripture Say That Is YAHWEH's Memorial?

YAHWEH's NAME has sustainability. It will never falter. It transcends every type of language barrier. What is YAHWEH's memorial? It is HIS NAME. YAHWEH said I will build MY house, it shall be for a memorial unto ME and people shall know MY NAME. The name Jesus is a pagan name and it has nothing to do with the Hebrew names and the names of the Old Testament. Men will say that YAHWEH is a Hebrew name and yet the name of Abraham, Isaac and Isaiah, all these names are Hebrew. They are not Americanized English Latin names they are Hebrew names.


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