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YAHWEH's Way; To Make Sure Your Prayers Are Being Heard

Without the truth of YAHWEH's Law dwelling in you, you cannot pray right. Your prayers are not even heard. They are an abomination unto YAHWEH. We need to get to that place that we know that our prayers are being heard by ALMIGHTY YAHWEH. MESSIYAH taught the disciples how to pray. HE was the one that opened the door unto the ABBA (FATHER). That we could earnestly content for the will of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH to impregnate our souls that we obey with all diligence and effort.

YAHWEH's NAME Must Be Exalted In The Midst

1 Kepha (Peter) 3:12 Do you think the eyes of YAHWEH are upon you? That is why your prayers have no meaning, they are almost like a wasted thing, you sense nothing of strength from your prayers, there is that constant doubt and your mind is bombarded because you know there is nothing of power and substance there. Because there are two or three gathered does not mean that YAHWEH 's kodesh ruwach (SetApart Spirit)  is present. The scripture says in MattithYah (Matthew) 18:20 " For where two or three are gathered together in MY NAME, there am I in the midst of them." For YAHWEH's NAME must be exalted in the midst.

Great Battle In Mind And Spirit Of Saints Of YAHWEH

YAHWEH is trying to build us up in the most SetApart faith for there is a great burden that will try us all and we must be able to bear it. During certain seasonal times you are not as strong as you ought to be either spiritually or physically. In this hour there is a great battle in the minds and the spirits of the saints, for when we go away from the Law of YAHWEH we begin to establish our own righteousness.

Do You Know What The Spirit Of YAHWEH Comes To Do?

The spirit of YAHWEH comes to govern. To bring about the mandates of the  ABBA (FATHER). To speak to the conscious of man that he may allow those things that are written in his heart and mind, which is the Law of YAHWEH, to become alive in his soul. It causes one to understand the importance of the Law of YAHWEH and how they factor into his life. That he may exemplify the very Spirit of the Truth of the Law that is in him. That he obeys the ABBA and does what HE says. The spirit of compassion is a manifestation of the Spirit of YAHWEH. It is the revelation of YAHWEH in you that can be seen by those that do not even have light of whom HE is.

Do You Know WHO You Pray To? 

YAHWEH intends for HIS SONS, HIS Children to know HIM by NAME. Personally, to know WHO HE is that they may know WHO they pray to and WHO they ask for what they need. YAHWEH is the mighty one that has created all things.  It is very important in this hour as YAHWEH brings HIS house through this trying hour that will perfect them. That HE will bring about a sincere and true dedication that they trust, they believe and they have hope in the truth. That is what must be manifested in our hearts today.

YAHSHUA offered up prayers and supplications with strong crying
and tears unto HIM that was able to save HIM from death,

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