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YAHWEH's Purpose Of YAHSHUA: Offered Up To Cleanse

By the manifold wisdom of YAHWEH,
According to the eternal purpose which HE purposed in MESSIYAH YAHSHUA

There is only one NAME that is identified with the yasha' of YAHWEH. That is YAHSHUA, which means YAHWEH saves. YAHSHUA MESSIYAH was the purest offering and was offered up for us to reveal the realities of the New Covenant. The power and the strength of this New Covenant is that YAHWEH has put it in the hearts of man that he may know the reality of whom the ABBA (FATHER) is.

Your Prayer Does Not Save Anyone

In this latter time YAHWEH is causing this profound truth to be spoken only unto the House of Yisrael and those that have the spirit. HE is only going to deliver those whose names are written in the LAMB'S book of life. Your prayer does not save anyone and you have not prayed for any deliverance for anyone .


Ivrim (Hebrews) 9:11-15 Under the Old Covenant the blood of bulls and goats was sufficient to YAHWEH as an offering for sin. How much greater then through the spirit of Almighty YAHWEH was YAHSHUA'S offering for us as the New Covenant! YAHSHUA offered HIMSELF to YAHWEH without spot or blemish as a one time offering that was sufficient for our sins.

YAHSHUA'S Offering Cleanses Our Conscious 

The eternal Spirit of YAHWEH led YAHSHUA to that place that HE would be given up for the offering of us all. That it would cleanse our conscious of all sins and condemnations of sin so that we would not have guilt of sin that we may truly serve YAHWEH. Under the Old Covenant a man brought his bull or goat and yet his conscious was still bombarded with the sin or the deed that he had done.

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