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Apostasy Denies The True Doctrines Of YAHWEH's Word

Difference Between Walking In Error
And Walking In Apostasy

When one is walking in apostasy they deny and turn their heart away from true doctrine and will look after ones that will satisfy their own fleshly lust. One that is walking in error, even in their ignorance, not understanding or knowing it will cause them to think spiritually, it will cause them to begin to discern whether they truly have what they believe that they possess. The great multitude cried (Strong's #3467) yasha' {yaw-shah'}  which means the one that saves. The (Strong's #4397) mal'ak {mal-awk'} stood about the throne saying HalleluYah not amen which is a pagan word. 

They Deny The True Doctrines Of YAHWEH

What we are dealing with in this hour it is not that men are walking in error or they have erred from the faith. It is apostasy or that they have become apostate in the faith, the doctrines and the bylaws whereby they deny the true doctrines of YAHWEH. Doctrine will instruct you in the discipline of the one that has established the doctrine.

YAHWEH Gave Scripture As Our Manner Of Discipline

The strength of the House of YAHWEH is found in scripture for it is our manner of discipline. Scripture is the inspiration of the saints for it is the inspired heart of YAHWEH. The saints must endure until the end, which means to press beyond the forces of opposition that they encounter without question.

This Is The Manner That The Saints Are Purified

In this manner are the saints purified, by keeping the Law of YAHWEH in conformity with the faith as MESSIYAH did. HE believed the ABBA (FATHER) and HE knew where HE was from., The works that HE did, they were to please the ABBA. The strength of our perfection is that we set our hearts to do all things to please the ABBA YAHWEH.

At one time we walked in error and there is a difference
between walking in error and walking in apostasy.


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