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Receive The Profound Truth Of The NAME Of ABBA (FATHER) YAHWEH

You cannot explain truth, you can only receive it. Man has always tried to explain the NAME of YAHWEH. The only way that you will every truly know HIS NAME is if HE reveals it into you heart  With YAHWEH Go On To Perfection.


MESSIYAH taught the disciples how to pray unto the ABBA YAHWEH. The only way that you can truly pray that prayer is that the spirit of the Son YAHSHUA must be in you.

Comforter Spirit Sent By ABBA YAHWEH

The Comforter Spirit was sent in the NAME of YAHSHUA by ABBA YAHWEH. You believe and trust in the comforting that it brings, but how can you unless you believe and know the ONE that sent it? 


YAHSHUA said that the power and the authority whereby I speak these things and the way that I walk come from ABBA YAHWEH. YAHSHUA came in the NAME of ABBA YAHWEH and in that NAME is the authority. In this hour YAHWEH is bringing HIS people to HIS truth that they may go on to perfection.


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