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YAHWEH Warns: Judgment On The Spirit Of Idolatry & Whoredom

We must have the discernment or the Spirit of YAHWEH to know if scriptures are the spoken Word of YAHWEH. The Spirit of YAHWEH will only testify of what it has heard. That was the purpose of the blood of YAHSHUA. To write down the Words of YAHWEH. Not only on pages, but in the heart of man; that we may retain the strength of HIS truth against this battle of hell that is deceiving the minds and the hearts of many.

What Does Satan Use To Deceive?

He uses our own natural carnal mind; our intellect, our thinking and our process of analyzing. The Spirit reveals what is truth. It reveals what is sin and nothing that man does today reveals that. Only scripture can reveal it.

Judgment Is Going To Be The Death

The judgment is going to be the death of the great whore. Scripture calls her a great whore, for she is splendid in gala, pomp and circumstance that none can rival her. In this end time we must understand the power and strength of this whore. We must understand her character and what spirit it is that produces the seed of a whore.

We Have Gone Away From The Laws Of YAHWEH

We have flirted with every kind of religious doctrine that there is and that is what a whore and adulteress woman does; she goes away from her husband. We have gone away from the Law of YAHWEH and we are trying to find some other comfort. We have opened our heart to an adulteress and whorish spirit and it produces a spirit of sorcery. 


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