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YAHWEH Imparts By Preaching;
Hold Fast To Sound Words

Hold fast the form of sound words,
 which you have heard of ME,
 in faith and love which is in MESSIYAH YAHSHUA. 

The power of preaching of YAHWEH's Word imparts in our lives fruit of the Spirit. You can see and sense the fruit. Do you know what the power of sorcery and apostasy does to the heart and the mind? It is of the same spirit as Satan, the devil, for he birthed things in the heart of those that will not keep the things that are pure, that YAHWEH has imparted by preaching. You know the one that you have heard the preaching from and these things are committed into your heart by the safe keeping of the Spirit. Many do not have the Spirit today and that is why they walk in a carnal mind of death, which does not bring any life at all. It is a mind of apostasy, adulteress and every kind of vile spirit there is, to flirt with and build altars in every part of their minds, to exalt those things that will not produce any life at all.

Mind Of YAHSHUA For Direction, Strength And Understanding

There is only one heart that YAHWEH ministers unto and that is the heart of MESSIYAH. That is why every man needs that mind of YAHSHUA in him for direction, strength and understanding. For it is only on the course that YAHWEH sets a man on, that HE can speak to that mind. YAHWEH can not speak to the natural carnal mind because the things of YAHWEH are only known by the Spirit.

The Fear Of YAHWEH Has More Than One Implication

The congregation of YAHWEH is the SetApart elect; they are separated from Egypt and the things of the world that causes one to prostitute, or to sell the wares of YAHWEH for a sensual satisfaction for the moment. When a man knows the Spirit of YAHWEH there is a fear there. Not the fear of man, for that brings a snare, but the fear of YAHWEH has more than one implication. Fear is more than just trembling, it has an implication of honour and reverence.

Do You Possess The Wares To Battle Against The Powers Of Hell

This is a self righteous generation that thinks that it actually possesses the wares to battle against the powers of hell that shall over take the minds of many. The seed of an apostate, adulteress whore deludes the mind to make one think that they can live separate from the Word of YAHWEH and do what they want to do. They will do just like Satan; try to change times, change the word and change the Law of YAHWEH. 

Ordained That Their Hearts Be Given Over

Whoredom is a spirit that flirts or participates in every kind of fleshly excitement or anything that brings some sensation to the flesh. There are those that YAHWEH has ordained that their hearts be given over unto the adulteress practice of apostasy, whereby the truth can not even penetrate their hearts or their minds. One that is birthed of that seed has no compassion at all, they do not have the ability to love, they are indifferent, there is no emotional attachment there, for there is no sensation for that. 

It pleased YAHWEH by the foolishness of preaching
to save them that believe. 

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