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The Comforter Spirit Of YAHWEH Brings Revelation Of Truth

But when the Comforter is come,
 whom I will send unto you from the ABBA  (FATHER),
 even the Spirit of truth, which proceeds from the ABBA,
 HE shall testify of ME: 

YAHWEH'S revelation truth comes through the Spirit of the Comforter. Our likes and dislikes tend to be based upon carnality, things that we perceive naturally and not things that we discern spiritually. For when something is discerned, the intent, the motive or the purpose of that thing is revealed by ALMIGHTY YAHWEH. In all of our getting we need to get understanding and that understanding is the ability to discern. 

We Need The Spirit Of ABBA (FATHER) YAHWEH

We allow all kinds of things to shape our minds and we must allow YAHWEH'S truth to shape us. We shape our opinions by things that give our flesh comfort and yet YAHSHUA MESSIYAH knew that we needed the Spirit of ABBA YAHWEH. When YAHWEH speaks unto us, it is to kill every element of our flesh that we can truly hear what HE is speaking unto us. 

Live By Every Precept Of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH 

If you truly have a heart for YAHWEH, then you will do what HE commands you to do. Even MESSIYAH knew that on HIS own HE could not resist the powers of Hell. When Shatan himself came against MESSIYAH, there was only one strength that HE had and that was that HE lived by every precept of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH. 

The Comforter Is YAHWEH'S Qadash Ruwach (Holy Spirit)

The Comforter Spirit that MESSIYAH prayed to the ABBA YAHWEH for was YAHWEH'S Qadash Ruwach (Holy Spirit). YAHSHUA prayed that YAHWEH'S Qadash comforting Spirit would be with us and it is vitally important that we be filled with the Qadash Ruwach of YAHWEH. For our ABBA YAHWEH did not call us to leave us comfortless, not knowing our hope, not assured of our great reward. That is what the comforter does, it reassures us according to scripture.

Are We Doing All Things To Please ABBA YAHWEH?

The Qadash Ruwach of YAHWEH will lead you into judgment and the truth of scripture. Anything that draws you away from scripture is the seductive power of darkness that has taken rule and strength in the mind. When you feed your mind with the natural things, then your desires are of things that are corrupt. YAHWEH has not called us to walk in the flesh and that is why the Qadash Ruwach comforts us in the spiritual Torah (LAW) of YAHWEH, that we may know that we are doing all things to please the ABBA.

Our Infirmities Are The Inability To Understand The Spiritual Law Of YAHWEH

"Likewise the Spirit also helps our infirmities" and our infirmities are the inability to understand the spiritual Torah (LAW) of YAHWEH. In order to understand the things of the spiritual realm, we must have the Qadash Ruwach of YAHWEH, so that the comforter may bring the revelation of that thing to our heart.

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