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The Weapons Of YAHWEH's
Warfare Are Spiritual Not Carnal

Our battling in the carnal does not destroy the flesh, it destroys our Spiritual man.

How do you know that you are battling in the carnal and not Spiritual? Scripture warns us of the things of the flesh and how to strengthen our armour and weapons of YAHWEH's warfare in the spiritual

You Will Never Be Able To Understand WHO YAHWEH Is Without Judgment

YAHWEH's Law and HIS judgments are pure and they are right. Because YAHWEH is the only righteous judge, these things will bring you into YAHWEH's presence. When a man truly desires to please ABBA YAHWEH, his mind is set upon things above and not on earthly carnal things. 

Do You Find Yourself Dying To The Things Of YAHWEH?

The power and strength of the powers of darkness is the spirit of rebellion. If you do not do what the Word of YAHWEH tells you to do, then you are consumed by a spirit of witchcraft. When you find your mind given over unto rebellion, you will find yourself dying to the things of YAHWEH.

The Reason We Have Continuous Struggles And Battles

There is a tremendous warfare of darkness today, which is seated in the hearts of men and causes them to rebel against YAHWEH's Truth. Once you open yourself up to this spirit, every dark and vile thing there is will come in. That is the reason we have continuous struggles and battles, for it is impossible to please YAHWEH when you are walking in darkness.

We Should Live Our Lives According To YAHWEH's Standards

There is only one thing that is going to stand against the powers of darkness. That is the inward man must be strengthened with the whole armour of YAHWEH. Our only standard will be the Word of YAHWEH, HIS truth, HIS righteousness and HIS Law. We should live our lives according to HIS standards. YAHWEH has always had HIS standard in place that the onslaught of hell will not prevail against it.

We do not cease to pray for you, and to desire that you might be filled with the knowledge of YAHWEH's will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding;

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