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Beware: Forgetting YAHWEH,
Causes A Famished and Lean Spirit

We Soon Forget YAHWEH's Loving Kindness And Unmerited Favor

The reason that we are lean in our soul is because we soon forget YAHWEH's loving kindness and unmerited favor that HE has shown unto us. We need to be healed. The only way that we are going to be healed is to acknowledge YAHWEH in all our ways to let HIM direct our path. You must receive HIS Word and HIS counsel in order to strengthen your soul. 

 Power And Manifestation Of Fruit

YAHWEH has sent HIS Spirit unto those that believe and trust HIM, which will bring the power and manifestation of fruit in the lives of those that say that they are led by HIS Spirit. There is a leanness in the souls of the people today. Scripture tells us why there is leanness and whenever scripture speaks about a leanness, it talks about diseases of the soul. There is every kind of cankering, vile spirit that has entered into the hearts and began to eat away at the love for YAHWEH. 

Do You Know Why This Generation Is One Of The Leanness Ever?

There is no profound revelation today, because we are not hearing what the Spirit is speaking by the mind of the ABBA (FATHER). We eat until our bellies are full, of the natural things, so that is not the leanness that YAHWEH is referring to. YAHWEH senses a leanness in our souls and there is a reason why YAHWEH has sent that leanness. 

It Is Not Demonic Powers That Bind You

Every Word that YAHWEH has spoken is pure, which the servants of YAHWEH love it and take refuge in it. It is the spoken Word of YAHWEH that breaks every shackle of your mind that binds it. It is the shackles of your own natural, sensual, earthen, carnal mind, that minds earthly things and not the things of the Spirit.

The Governing Power Of YAHWEH Will Bring Us Back

When ones soul is anemic or famished, they need health food. Proper nutrition will restore the sickly physical being and so it is in this famished season, we must have the Word of YAHWEH to bring life to our Spiritual being. We must have the Spirit of YAHWEH, that when we move outside of the spiritual realm, the governing power of YAHWEH will bring us back to the Law of YAHWEH. 

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