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YAHWEH's Word Tells Us Why We Have A Seared Conscience

Now the end of the Commandment is Love out of a pure heart,
 and of a pure conscience, and of faith unfeigned: 

This is a generation that has a conscience that has been seared with a hot iron, in that sin and corruption brings no conviction at all. We as a people tend to justify our conversation, our guile and evil corrupt hearts. We tell ourselves that it is alright and we are deceiving ourselves, for it is not alright. We are consumed with world affairs, the world of iniquity, the world of carnal, fleshly desires. It is these things that moves a man away from the things of the Spirit of YAHWEH.

An Abomination, A Sin Against YAHWEH

There is only one thing that makes the conscience alive and that is the living Word of YAHWEH. That is why the enemy will give you many things to take you away from the living waters of the Word of YAHWEH. That is an abomination, a sin against YAHWEH.

For YAHWEH So Loved The World

When love is so pure that it is spoken of out of a pure conscience, which is empowered by the spirit, then speaking of that love is enough. For YAHWEH so loved the world, which assures us and that is enough. If you say that you love and your actions are different, then it is not love. 

The Fullness Of HIS Desire In A Man's Heart

The blessings of YAHWEH are the fullness of HIS desire in a man's heart. The fullness of HIS love and the fullness of the fruit of YAHWEH are what constitutes the blessings of YAHWEH. These blessings will enable us to endure the persecution and the trials, to receive the truth with a pure heart.

YAHWEH Brings Alive The Secrets

 The SetApart Spirit of YAHWEH brings alive the secrets of YAHWEH in a man's conscience. Things that you have read or heard, the SetApart Spirit will bring alive the power, the strength and the anointing of those things. 

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