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The Manifestation Of Strength Of YAHWEH's Mighty Love

Love Edifies, Builds Confidence And Strength

We must love YAHWEH with all of our mind, soul and strength and we do that by conducting ourselves in a manner that is pleasing unto HIM. Love brings about a edification and the power of Truth of YAHWEH, whereby it will literally be perfected in our hearts. The way that we show forth that great desire, to understand and to know that this great resurrection, of the hope of the saints is real, we show that by our love toward YAHWEH.


The enemy constantly battles our minds and comes against the integrity of the ABBA (FATHER), which is HIS truth. YAHWEH sent forth MESSIYAH YAHSHUA in the form of a man, to endure every affliction and trial, that we are tried by. That is why we must consider MESSIYAH that endured such contradiction of sinners.  

 No Satisfaction In The Temporal Things Of Life

YAHWEH has given us a Spirit inside, down in our inward parts, to know the hope of MESSIYAH. YAHSHUA is the strength of our hope, for it is by HIS resurrection that we believe YAHWEH's promise of everlasting life. If we allow this fact to become entrenched in our minds, then everything temporal will fade away. For YAHWEH made man's flesh to find no satisfaction in the temporal things of life, to show man that these things have no everlasting effect on his life. 

The Manifestations Of True love

Though you have great gifts of interpreting the Word of YAHWEH, heal the sick and do many wonderous works, without, Love, it is nothing. We must be able to sense a true and genuine Love one for another. 1 Corinthians 13 tells us of the manifestations of true Love.

The first order of business in coming to the light of YAHWEH, we must first correct our conduct. 

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