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A True Saint Of YAHWEH HAS An Honest And Sincere Heart

The Mark Of A True Saint Of YAHWEH

The mark of a true saint of YAHWEH is that you are sincere and without any kind of offense or any sin against YAHWEH, until the day of MESSIYAH. Sincere is free of dissimulation, guile, wickedness, without deceit, pure, honest, free from adultery, genuineness, no falseness, whole hearted and unfeigned in our love.

Do you really believe that YAHWEH sees everything that you do?

That HE has you in HIS peripheral and there is nothing that you can do that gets by HIM? Are you false toward YAHWEH, or are you sincere and real with HIM?  There ought to be a spontaneity, an expression that you sense in your heart, for we should have the heart and mind of YAHSHUA MESSIYAH. We should have a pure devotion and sincerity toward YAHWEH. Why is not our commitment so sincere that we sell out all, to obtain that pearl of great value and great riches that nothing in the earth could supplant at all?

The Fruit Is The Life Source Of Our Lives

When one is sincere unto YAHWEH, then that is a honest and a just heart. An honest and a pure heart that hath heard the Word of YAHWEH, the statutes and judgments, it will bring forth conviction and will keep those things. This is the heart that will bring forth fruit with patience of trials, afflictions, sufferings and tribulations. When there is not an abundance of fruit, for the fruit is the life source of our lives, you are not going to be sustained on this journey. You are not going to be willing to endure and suffer much affliction. That is why many turn their hearts away from YAHWEH, because they do not have the ability to endure until the end. 

A Sincere Heart Must Have The Judgment Of YAHWEH

The only way that you will get to the point of a sincere and honest heart is there must be the judgment of YAHWEH. HE must correct us, cleanse the filthiness and corrupt things that we have allowed to inundate our hearts and fill our minds with every kind of unscrupulous spirit there is, In that our minds will turn away from the pure principles and Laws of YAHWEH, that we cannot even retain them in our hearts.

Strength To Walk Correctly Before YAHWEH  

When we are not sincere we cannot be honest with ourselves, to see the things that are causing us to fall continuously in the same pitfalls of sin. What YAHWEH wants to do is to show us by judgment what is in us, not our neighbour. When a man begins to truly walk in the dynamics of YAHWEH's love, he delights in judgment, for that is his strength to walk correctly before YAHWEH.  

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