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YAHWEH Is The Lamp That Lightens The Spirit Of Darkness

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil;
 that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; 

Everything that we do in the natural carnal man brings darkness and death, but the Law of YAHWEH is spiritual. It is only the spiritual things of YAHWEH that brings the light of life into man's soul. So when a man is devoid of the light of YAHWEH, there is a darkness that consumes him. He is ruled by powers of darkness, spirits of corruption and depravity for there is no sensitivity or care for the things of YAHWEH. 

The Truth Of YAHWEH Enlightens A Man's Eyes

Man has tried to obscure the truth that it is only by the NAME of YAHWEH that man can be delivered from the bondage and power of sin, yet YAHWEH in this last hour is revealing the profoundness of HIS truth. It is by the truth of YAHWEH that man's eyes are enlightened, that he will not walk in darkness

Darkness Is A Mindset That Is Void Of YAHWEH's Light

Darkness is a mindset that is void of light, which is the knowledge of the revelation of the purpose of MESSIYAH, for the works done by YAHSHUA were perfect works, ordained of ABBA YAHWEH. In that body of YAHSHUA was the power of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH, the one that created all things. 

The Anointing Of YAHWEH Breaks Every Yoke

When a man deals with the realities of truth of whom he is, what he is and what his purpose is, then he can be free from all hindrance that keeps him from moving on into perfection. It is the anointing of YAHWEH that breaks every yoke and power of hell, the yoke of bondage, the bondage of your flesh, the yoke of your will and your desires 

The Carnal Man Cannot Discern The Things Of The Spirit

The assembly today is walking in darkness and sin because the carnal man cannot discern the things of the spirit of YAHWEH, and this man does not understand the Law of the Spirit

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