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Willing Heart To Obey, Keep The Commands Of YAHWEH

and serve HIM with a perfect heart and with a willing mind: 

One true sign of a virtuous woman, also of the assembly of YAHWEH today, is a willingness of heart to obey and keep the Commandments of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH. When a man has that willingness that he has purposed in his heart, that he concur with what YAHWEH says, he will obey it without any distractions in his life. This is the man that you will find is walking in the strength and power of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH. It is only when a man begins to rebel that there is an unwillingness to do what YAHWEH says. The nature of the natural man is that it is always willing to sin. Mishle (Proverbs) 1:10 My son, if sinners entice you, consent you not.

Something Missing From Your Soul 

There is something missing from your soul when you are willing to disobey the things of YAHWEH. Everyone will fall and they will succumb, but when a man is willing to do it, that is a different thing. When one is willing to disobey YAHWEH, there is a purpose in their heart to oppose those things that YAHWEH says.

Willing Is To Consent, To Agree Voluntarily

The Hebrew Lexicon gives the definition of willing as to consent, to agree voluntarily. When someone volunteers to do something they do not murmur or complain. They will not oppose the assignment or the thing that YAHWEH commands them to do. They just do it with an effort to please the one that has asked them to do the thing. 

The Great Anointing Of YAHWEH Is Missing From The Lives

YAHWEH wants out of HIS people a consistence to do what HE says without opposing. To do it with your heart knowing that HE is the one that is orchestrating the thing and HE is directing your path. When you do that HE will bring forth the excellent fruit out of your heart. That is why the great anointing of YAHWEH is missing from the lives of many today, they do not have a willing heart. 

Burning Urgency To Do YAHWEH's Will

When you truly have the desire to do something willingly you will not battle, nor fight, nor look for reasons not to do the thing. We must have that burning urgency to do YAHWEH's will, for HE is not going to compel you do do anything. YAHWEH is not going to force you to do anything, for no ABBA (FATHER) wants to have to compel the children to obey

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