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YAHWEH Gives Examples Of;
 Waxed Fat And Froward Mouth

Have Eaten And Are Filled You Begin To Wax Fat

In Devarim Deuteronomy) 31:20 YAHWEH warns the people that when they have eaten and filled themselves they will begin to wax fat. When you wax fat you begin to be lazy and without mobility. You will not give yourself over unto activities that hewn your spiritual abilities; you will not want to pray or fast. There are those that are not physically big yet they are fat because they are lazy. They are trifling, sorry and there is no willingness, motivation or yearning.

The Dynamics Of YAHWEH's Spirit

The purpose of all our being is for YAHWEH to establish us as a SetApart and peculiar people unto HIMSELF. For if we hearken unto the voice of YAHWEH to obey and keep all HIS Commandments the blessings of YAHWEH shall overtake you and fill your land. Only the people of YAHWEH that obey HIS Commandments will walk in the dynamics of YAHWEH's Spirit. You will walk in a dimension that the natural mind can never comprehend or understand the dimension that you are walking in.

Keep A Watchful Eye On The Spiritual Things

You must keep a watchful eye on the spiritual things, the things that are of scripture. To observe something is to watch it and look at it. If you do not read and look at the scriptures, then you will not know what they say.

The Flesh Is Enmity Against YAHWEH.

The anointing and power of YAHWEH is the total authority of YAHWEH. It is the power of the anointing of YAHWEH that breaks every yoke of bondage of the flesh. YAHWEH gave us a birth by the hope of YAHSHUA that we would be loosed from every diabolical scheme of the flesh. Everything that the flesh aspires to and holds dear is against the kingdom blessing, it is against the Law of the kingdom.

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