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YAHWEH's Comforting Rod And Staff

Do you believe that this is a generation that needs the comforting of YAHWEH? We all agree that we need comfort, so we must find out what scriptures tells us of the comforting of YAHWEH and where does it come from. When the Word of YAHWEH does not produce fruit it is because you cannot find the life of the hope in that word. When the fruit does not come forth from the word it is because it is not a living viable thing in our hearts. When the Word of YAHWEH becomes viable and alive in our souls it begins to produce fruit and brings about a radical change in your life. It transforms you into the image of YAHWEH's DEAR SON. 

Flesh Must Be Governed

The workings of flesh are deceitful and corrupt. It deceives your heart and throws you into bondage and deception. It must be ruled by YAHWEH's authority. It must be corrected and reproved. It must be admonished. YAHWEH shows us our sins and our shortcomings that we may generate the strength that is needed in this hour to war against the opposition of our soul. 

Scripture Tells Us Of YAHWEH's Comforting

Everyone knows the 23rd Tehillim (Psalm) and yet we do not know the words that we read. In verse 4 scripture tells us of YAHWEH's comforting, HIS rod and HIS staff. YAHWEH's staff is HIS scepter which is the strength and the might of HIS authority. If YAHWEH does not use HIS rod to govern us then HE is not our ABBA (FATHER).

Bring Flesh Low That It Will Not Have The Strength To Rise Up

We should find comfort in the judgments of YAHWEH. YAHWEH wants to bring the flesh low that it will not have the strength to rise up.

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