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YAHWEH Is Yeshua To Those That Trust In HIM

The yeshua of the righteous is of YAHWEH:
HE is their strength in the time of trouble.

And they that know YOUR NAME will put their trust in YOU: for YOU, YAHWEH, have not forsaken them that seek YOU. Tehillim  (Psalm) 9:10

The Torah (Law) of YAHWEH is a powerful tool and sword for the hope of the people of YAHWEH. It is extremely rich, because they yield one thing and that is life. When a man transgresses against the Torah of YAHWEH it brings forth death. That is why Satan has done all he could to keep us from those principles, because YAHWEH spoke them.

Through The Hope Of YAHSHUA There Is Yeshua

We know that through the hope of YAHSHUA there is yeshua, free pardon from our sins. WE have been cleansed, washed and separated for HIS purpose. That is what it is all about, that we may serve the ABBA (FATHER) with a sincere heart. Our desire above all things ought to be to please HIM.

The Word of YAHWEH Should Give Comfort To The Mind

There shall be great perplexities and troubles that shall try this generation. We must understand that troubles come because of the sin and transgression of man. The minds will become so perplexed that even the Word of YAHWEH will not give comfort to the mind.

YAHWEH Wants Us To Remember HIM

When you remember something it is constantly brought forth in your mind, your heart is upon it. You think you cannot think about anything but that, it becomes the object of your whole heart, your desire, your will and your purpose to live.

And YAHWEH shall help them, and deliver them:
 HE shall deliver them from the wicked,
 and save them, because they trust in HIM.

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