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YAHWEH's Word Tells OF
 Those That Sleep In The Night

Mindful of the Spiritual Law of YAHWEH

We must be aware and sharp, with our minds able to understand and comprehend the Spiritual things of YAHWEH, or else we are going to become very slothful. We will become very drunken in our sins and ability for YAHWEH to govern us. We will procrastinate, for there will not be an urgency or the desire to do the things that YAHWEH commands us to do.

Spiritual Law Of YAHWEH Needs To Penetrate Your Heart

The generation that we are in it is one that is very slothful. It is asleep and has no ability to discern the things of YAHWEH. Man cannot comprehend the spiritual things in this hour. That man will become so inundated and full of flesh, that the Spiritual Law of YAHWEH will not even penetrate the man's heart.

We Need To Prove Ourselves To YAHWEH

It is time that we awaken out of our slothfulness. We have procrastinated and it is time that we understand the perfect will of YAHWEH. HE has given us an understanding and the roadmap in scripture. We must study the Law and the principles of YAHWEH. That we may prove ourselves to HIM that we are working literally on our soul yeshua. 

There Is Nothing In The Flesh That Can Be Controlled

It must be destroyed and the lust thereof must be destroyed. You must go to the root of it and then you can totally eradicate it. If you leave a little root of it or a little seed, it is coming up. It does not take much, just a little bit and it is coming up.

Prepare For The Coming Of MESSIYAH

In order for us to prepare for the coming of YAHSHUA MESSIYAH we must be very diligent. We must be very watchful in this hour. That our minds and our spirits are sharp. That our minds are given over unto the Spiritual Law of YAHWEH.

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