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YAHWEH Warns Of The Demise That Will Overtake A Nation

A Nation Of The People Of YAHWEH

YAHWEH said you shall be a nation unto ME, a very peculiar one that is not like any other nation upon the face of the earth. What is a nation? YAHWEH only clarifies what a nation is, not what man calls a nation. There is only one pure nation upon the face of the earth and that is the remnant of the seed of Yisrael, the called, the elect and the faithful of YAHWEH. Every nation that their banner is not YAHWEH, it is a heathen nation and the strength of that nation is idolatry, sin  and every kind of vile corrupt thing there is. There are many nations, but there is a nation of the people of YAHWEH. The strength of the nation of YAHWEH is that YAHWEH is the one that fights the battle for that nation. It does not rely upon the physical armaments of man to fight. It relies upon the spiritual Laws of YAHWEH to fight the battle, for we know who we serve and the strength of our creator.  YAHWEH has called a people and established a nation that HIS NAME may be resounded in that nation. 

The First Sign Of The Demise Of A Nation 

There is a demise or death in the nation today, for the breath of YAHWEH has gone out. The light and the power of YAHSHUA MESSIAH is not in the minds of men today. The nation is under a demise of darkness, death is ensuing and has overcome it. The first sign of the tremendous death and demise of a nation is when men begin to lay with mankind like they do with womankind, when bestiality becomes a sport or a thing of the norm, when adultery and the practice of adultery and fornication is given over unto and it is not scorned today. 

A Process Of Cleansing And Laying Of Foundations

When YAHWEH brought Yisrael out of Egypt, HE brought them through an exodus, that was a process of cleansing and laying of foundations, that HE planned for man to walk in, to observe, to obey and to do. HE established in the midst of the camp the Levities, which brought them to the understanding of Leviticus, that the principles and the Law of YAHWEH are applicable. We must do them and obey them. 

Man Moved Away From The Spirit Of Truth And Demise Entered In 

It was the Spirit, the breathe of YAHWEH that was breathed into Adam that brought animation. HE began to move in him, to walk in him and have his activities in that precious pristine garden that YAHWEH had created for man to have authority and rule to live there. Once man moved away from the spirit of truth the demise of man entered into that garden. Whereby YAHWEH said he must be thrust out, because if not he will partake of the tree of life. Once man was cast out, death or the demise of man began to unfold. As Cain and Abel, when Cain rose up to slay his brother, because sin and death had filled his heart, for the demise of that nation had come to it's end. YAHWEH put a mark on Cain for no man to destroy him, for YAHWEH said vengeance is MINE and I will deal with that personally. YAHWEH has marked the nations today, and the demise of the nation is upon us. 

YAHWEH Is Going To Hold Back The Four Winds

YAHWEH is going to hold back the four winds of the earth for HIS saints and these governments that are on the face of this earth shall not touch the nation of YAHWEH.  Those winds are the ruling powers and kingdoms that have ruled, for they are still in the earth today. 

Life Of Man Is Breathe Of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH

MESSIYAH said that the words that I speak unto you are not only spiritual words, they are life. A nation must live by the principles of YAHWEH in order to have life in the nation. When any nation goes against that, then that nation is defiled, for it is an unclean place. YAHWEH wants HIS people to know HIM personally, not as a figment of their imagination, but to know HIM personally. YAHWEH has called HIS people to be a nation of worship and praise, one that will acknowledge HIM and HIS NAME. YAHWEH's NAME is to be established in the nations. 

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