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YAHWEH Warns: Two Sore Evils That Cause Demise In The Nation

When the Spiritual nation is brought under bondage of the siege of darkness, there is no acknowledging of whom YAHWEH is, nor any kind of spiritual being or one that has power to govern or instruct. Scripture tells us that because of two great evils in the land, that man has began to pervert judgment. We all participate in these evils, we practice them, even in our daily walks, because YAHWEH should be the utmost one on our minds. YAHWEH should be ever present with us, in our thoughts and everything that we do should be for HIS honour and that HIS NAME will be exalted.

YAHWEH's NAME Is Not Known

First of all in this nation YAHWEH's NAME is not known, for the religious Babylonian whore of today rejects that truth. Man has been brought up in his religious traditions to reject the Law of YAHWEH, because he tends to go on feelings and emotions, he rejects the truth. You deny truth, you deny HIM, for if you reject truth, you reject HIM. 

Without Judgment, There Is No Correction

Man despises that today, he does not want to be judged for he thinks very highly of himself. He does not want to be reproved or corrected and there is no room in his heart for any kind of critiquing. He rejects that because it is an inborn thing, for our children reject that.

The Nations Have Forsaken YAHWEH 

When the nations have forsaken YAHWEH and hued out their own gods, then judgment is perverted. When judgment is perverted that is the finality of the demise of any nation. When judgment is perverted, death fills the nation and no life shall spring up out of that nation. That is why YAHWEH will rule with a rod of iron in the kingdom, so that judgment can never be perverted. 

Four Principles Of The Demise Of A Nation

Four principles of the demise of a nation; they change YAHWEH's judgment, they change HIS statutes, they refuse the judgment of YAHWEH and  they refuse the statutes of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH. The statutes are YAHWEH's limitations, for HE tells you how far you can go and how not to go. 

Law Of YAHWEH, For That Is Our Strength

The strength of any man is the strength of the governing power that governs him.  That is the Law of YAHWEH, for that is our strength, the laws of YAHWEH. We need to be taught to fear YAHWEH for it is by the fear of YAHWEH that we know that we are nothing but fleshly men. 

Behold, evil shall go forth from nation to nation.

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