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Warning Unto The House Of YAHWEH; Judgment The Just Reward

Judgment is the just reward and the just decision that YAHWEH has already made. Because of man's unrighteous desires, he has began to pervert judgment. Judge before you allow anything to enter into your mind. This is the warning unto the house of YAHWEH, you start at the gate, you do not allow it to enter into the gate of your heart, you do not allow it to enter into the gate of your perception or the gate of your thinking. Once you allow something to enter in it will bring forth life. The demise and destruction of any nation is when righteous judgment is lost and has no power. We must walk in the power of YAHWEH's government.

To Walk In The Fullness Of YAHWEH's Power And Anointing We Must Know And Understand Scripture

We are living in an hour that we need to have understanding of the things that are transpiring, what YAHWEH is doing and what HE is about to do. The reason we do not have understanding is because we do not study like scripture says. If you desire to master something, you must study to comprehend the components of that thing.

Surrender All Unto YAHWEH

The nations of the earth today have not surrendered all unto YAHWEH, for they have fought against and resisted YAHWEH. Because of this, they are not walking in the anointing, power, strength, nor the blessings of YAHWEH.

The Profound Power Of YAHWEH

We need the righteous law of the land, that governs a nation, that brings about the blessings and power upon every nation. YAHWEH has given man law, stipulations, ordinances and statutes. When a man walks in those things, you will see the profound power of YAHWEH in a his life. We must walk in the power of YAHWEH's government, HE is the only one that can govern. Only the government of YAHWEH will yield the power and peace in any land. 

Terrorists Enter In

When there is no righteous judgment in the land, terrorists enter in. Terrorizing spirits will enter into your mind, you will be unstable, you will not know which way to go, you do not know where to turn, you do not know who to depend on because you do not know. Judgment brings us to the actuality of things. YAHWEH says do not do it, because when you do, there is judgment. 

We Forget What YAHWEH Has Done

When men begin to forget YAHWEH and walk in their own ways, they begin to pervert judgment. We forget what YAHWEH has done, and this nation of America has forgotten, the peace on this nation, even though they did not know HIM.

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