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Only By Hearing Of YAHWEH's Word Will We Have Full Assurance

Unto all riches of the full assurance of understanding

We can die with the assurance in YAHWEH's Word that as MESSIYAH was resurrected by the power and the spirit of YAHWEH, so shall we be resurrected as well. YAHWEH has given us hope through YAHSHUA, that HE suffered every affliction that there is for us to suffer. He endured the power of death and HE subdued every strength of darkness to give us great victory. That there would be no torment or terror even in death. We shall get up if we have our hope that was given unto us in that physical body that died on that stake for our sins.

The Assurance That YAHWEH Has Given Unto Us

Assurance is simply the faith that is based on the testimony of YAHSHUA. That testimony is one of confidence, of great strength, it is of perseverance and tenacity. It is an insurance and gives us the ability to know without doubting.

We Will Know That We Have The Assurance In Our Hearts

We will know that we have the assurance in our hearts when we obey the simplicity of the commands of YAHWEH. Simply to love, to do it righteously from a true heart. Not from a heart of hypocrisy and deceit, but the heart has to be a heart of YAHSHUA. Let that mind of MESSIYAH, that was in HIM be in us as well.

What YAHWEH Says Will Give Us Assurance

The assurance of YAHWEH strengthens the inward resolve and we need that in this hour. Our assurance comes from what the Law of YAHWEH expresses. It is definite that we are going to leave this life. We must have that full assurance, that brings about the courage even in the midst of great battles. When the enemy rages against our minds and wars against us, to subdue us, then we will have the courage to fight the battle of faith. When we understand what YAHWEH says it will give us that assurance.

Assurance Is Simply Confidence

YAHWEH has assured us because the policy has been paid in full, for MESSIYAH is the propitiation for our sins. That brings the strength of courage, fortitude and confidence.

Establish Our Hearts By The Hearing Of YAHWEH's Word

The more you obey YAHWEH the more you will rely upon HIM and the more you rely upon HIM you will have confidence. You know HE will not forsake you, HE will  not leave you and in the midst of your trying troubled times you will know that there is an assurance there. YAHWEH wants to establish that in our hearts by the hearing of HIS Word.

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