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 YAHWEH Brings Demise Of The Nation: The Seed Of Death 

The Seed Of Death And The Despises Of A Nation

The seed of death is when the counsel of one is to do diametrically against what YAHWEH commands. When a nation despises and speaks evil against the NAME of YAHWEH, that is the death of the nation. You cannot reject it when YAHWEH brings you into the light of the clear understanding of who HE is. This nation and the nations of the world are dying. They have dishonored and despised the NAME of YAHWEH. Because of that, in this hour, we are going to see the very destruction and the day of YAHWEH upon the nations. The day of YAHWEH is simply any time that HE visits a people, for when HE visits them for their iniquity and transgressions, that is the day of YAHWEH.

The Most Important Thing That Could Ever Be

There is one thing that YAHWEH wants us to accomplish in life. It is the most important thing that could ever be and that is to be like HIM. HE wants us to walk like HIM and HE showed us that pattern of that example in a body of clay, MESSIYAH. The atonement for all our sins, which was the price that only YAHWEH would accept. When YAHWEH showed HIS approval on that body, HE resurrected it, to give us certainty. It gave us the assurance in the hope of MESSIYAH, for that was in the power, the will and the dynamics of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH. 

Power Of The Creator YAHWEH

YAHSHUA came in the power of the creator, YAHWEH. There are many gods, but there is only one creator and HE is distinct. YAHWEH will not allow HIS identity of whom HE is to be associated with any other beings, because their identity is in HIM. Not HIS identity in them, but their identity is in HIM and because they are in HIM, they identify within themselves HIM. They make known HIM, HIS purpose, HIS plan, and HIS desire.

HE Is Simply I AM

A noun names a person, place or thing and a proper noun is a specific or particular person, place or thing. Now, the word god is not a particular, it is simply a noun, so it does not identify a particular. God is a noun that can be used in any way and in any form, or fashion that you want to use it. The NAME of YAHWEH identifies a particular, the one with no beginning or start at all. 

There Is Only One Way Of Right

Not only is death or demise one of a physical separation from this life, but there is a separation from the truth, the Law and the government of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH. The nations today establish their own laws. There is only one way of right and one way of wrong. The right is doing it the way YAHWEH commands us. You do it any other way, it is wrong. It may seem right, for there is a way that seemed right to man, but that way brings about death. All the ways of a man are pure in his own sight. He believes that he is doing the most righteous thing, because it is produced from his own deceitful heart. The righteousness of YAHWEH comes from the love of HIS Law and scripture. 

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