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YAHSHUA Is Our Hope Of Redemption

Let Yisrael hope in YAHWEH:
for with YAHWEH there is mercy,
and with HIM is plenteous redemption.

YAHSHUA'S offering at the latter end would be sufficient to identify our REDEEMER and WHO our hope is in. YAHSHUA was the atonement and offering unto YAHWEH that pleased HIM. The goats, bullocks, heifers and the turtledoves, not any of that pleased YAHWEH.

The REDEEMER Is The One That Purchased

YAHSHUA came to establish the power and NAME of HIS ABBA (FATHER). Only the MIGHTY CREATOR saves. Only HE can redeem. YAHSHUA was the price that purchased our redemption. The redeemed are those that have been purchased by that BLOOD of REDEMPTION of YAHSHUA. We have been redeemed by ALMIGHTY YAHWEH.

We May Be Just Like YAHWEH

YAHWEH sent MESSIYAH in HIS image, HIS strength, HIS NAME and HIS character to give us a hope that there is an eternal ABBA. To show us HIS attributes and HIS character that we may be just like HIM.

Understand What YAHWEH Did

Our hearts must be filled with love for the ABBA and only then can we appreciate MESSIYAH. You cannot appreciate MESSIYAH until you understand what the ABBA did. For what YAHWEH has done for us and for us to negate HIM in our time and our activities, something is drastically wrong in our inward parts.

YAHWEH Is The ONE That Has Redeemed Us 

We are of the hope of our REDEEMER through MESSIYAH. YAHSHUA brought redemption from the REDEEMER. Nowhere in scriptures in the New Covenant does it identify YAHSHUA as the REDEEMER. Only YAHWEH is the REDEEMER. YAHSHUA is the redemption or the hope of the REDEEMER given unto us. Without the REDEEMER there can be no redemption. Without the redemption of YAHSHUA MESSIYAH then there is no REDEEMER.


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