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When something is written it is established.

In the most cataclysmic trial in YAHSHUA MESSIYAH'S life HIS only hope was in what was written. HE did not draw strength from anything but what was written. That is the only thing in this hour that we have to battle against the very onslaught hell. That onslaught is the power of darkness being thrust down from above these heavens to destroy every identity that is of YAHWEH. How do they do that? They do that by removing the truth and the power of YAHWEH's righteous Law from a man's heart.

Why MESSIYAH Faced The Trial In The Wilderness

YAHWEH has prophesized in all dispensations the mighty coming and the hope of YAHSHUA MESSIYAH. Also when MESSIYAH was tempted in the wilderness after fasting HE quoted the written scriptures in answering Satan. That is why MESSIYAH faced the trial in the wilderness, to prove what was written.

YAHSHUA Brought Forth The Spiritual Essence Of The Law

Everything YAHWEH spoke was spiritual. The corruption and the weakness of the flesh is why it could not have the power to manifest the governing power of YAHWEH. That is why YAHWEH sent MESSIYAH in the likeness of flesh. That the Law of MESSIYAH would make us free from the law of sin and death. 

A Metaphor Of The Things To Come

 Man doth not live by bread alone and that was the reason YAHWEH brought the children of Ysrael through the wilderness. MESSIYAH said that HE understood HIS trial in the wilderness because it was a metaphor of the things to come. It is written that YAHWEH took them out to show them what was in their hearts, to prove them and show them what things that they needed to do.


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