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MESSIYAH YAHSHUA Prepared For Death; No Hope In This Life

If in this life only we have hope in YAHSHUA,
 we are of all men most miserable. 

To prepare is to take care of every little single detail and make sure that you have all the things that are necessary for the duration. We as saints of YAHWEH know that it is eminent, it will come, so we should be prepared and ready to die. The reason we do not make the genuine preparation is because death is not a reality to us, therefore we do not think it is necessary. We must have an abundance to take us through the shallow times. The battle that the saints of YAHWEH are up against is serious and real.

We Are The Sons Of YAHWEH

As David prepared abundantly to build an edifice unto YAHWEH, we should be that way today as a tabernacle of YAHWEH. Whereby HIS NAME should radiate out of our lives that men would know that we are the Sons of YAHWEH.

The Law In Itself Under Moshe Was Death

The whole life of YAHSHUA HE prepared for one thing and that was to die. MESSIYAH came to bring the spiritual revelation and the strength of the Law. HE showed us that if we would allow the ABBA (FATHER) to work in us we would not continuously go back to the same beggarly sin and wickedness. 

We Today Put A Limitation On YAHWEH

Faith means YAHWEH is revealed in us and to us. 1 Chronicles 22 gives us a metaphor of how our lives should be as saints of YAHWEH. David prepared abundantly and without limitations. 


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