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YAHWEH Delights In The Prayer Of The Upright

The Fervent Fire Of YAHWEH

Prayer is our avenue of comfort, strength and great deliverance. There is a prayer of agony whereby the fervent fire of WHOM HE is will burn every dross and every vile thing that there is from your spirit and your heart.

Prayer Is A Devotion Of Sincerity

It is a heart that is pure to cry out to the one that you personally know is able to supply all that is needed. Only YAHWEH can do that!

A False Balance

A false balance is an impure spirit of hypocrisy, but temperance  is YAHWEH's delight. One that has a perfect balance, their love toward YAHWEH and a sincere desire to please HIM, is YAHWEH's delight.

Upright Man Is Sincerely Devoted

A forward heart is one that loves to speak and has no control in their life. An upright man is sincerely devoted to what he is doing and it is real in his life. Such as are upright in their way are YAHWEH's delight.

Wicked Turns Heart Against Governing Of YAHWEH 

When a man turns his heart against the true governing of YAHWEH and he pretends that he is something that he is not, that is a wicked man. "The offering of the wicked is an abomination to YAHWEH: but the prayer of the upright is HIS delight." 


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