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Grievous Wolves Have Entered In The Night Season

YAHWEH Gives Assurance In This Night Season Against Grievous Wolves In Scriptures

There is such a spirit of man in this hour that the only thing that Scriptures can identify it with is the spirit of a wolf. There is not a more vicious carnivorous animal that travels in packs like the wolf. They are a very tenacious, very stealth animal that understands it's range and purpose. The wolf only hunts at a certain period of the day and that is the night season. The wolf is a very cruel animal that tears and devours it's kill within a matter of minutes. They do everything in a social order of a pack that has a hierarchy. In order to keep the pack's strength only the prime alpha pair of the pack will mate and only those two. This is a dark hour that we are in and the spirit of the wolves have gone out.

How Much Of Your Time Is Spent On The Things Of YAHWEH?

There is not a tremendous light of the knowledge and power of YAHWEH upon the earth today. Man's mind is constantly oppressed and bombarded in that his heart is constantly drawn unto the things of the earth. Judge yourself and see how much of your time is spent on the things that are above!

The Spirit Of The Wolf Has Gone Out To Hunt And To Prey

YAHWEH sent us prophets like TsephanYah (Zephaniah) and Yehezqel- (Ezekiel) and revealed unto them as to why this spirit of the wolf had entered in. How do we prepare for this, who is our opposition and how do we walk in the midst of this dark hour? There is a tremendous darkness in the land and now the spirit of the wolf has gone out to hunt and to prey upon souls or the meat which is the hope to take you through that great journey unto the end. 

For I know this, that after MY departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock. 


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