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Is The Word of YAHWEH Real In Your Heart Today?

Is the Word of YAHWEH real in your heart today or are you trusting in the arm of flesh? ABBA (FATHER) YAHWEH is our strength to endure every obstacle and wile that Satan tries to bring against us and to take away YAHWEH's precious Word. Saints do you know that the Word of YAHWEH is our strength? When YAHSHUA MESSIYAH fasted forty days in the wilderness the only way that HE endured the test was through the Word.

Call Upon HIM With Our Whole Heart 

We proclaim that we are the Sons of ABBA (FATHER) YAHWEH, a peculiar people, the elect and that light that sets upon a hill and cannot be hid. Don't let Satan take that away from us. YAHWEH is our refuge in time of trouble if we will call upon HIM with our whole heart HE will rescue us saints. HE said I will never leave you nor forsake you and HIS Word is true. Are we trusting in HIM or do we just say that we know the NAME of YAHWEH? Is YAHWEH real in our hearts today? Do we truly have HIS Word in our hearts and are we walking in that truth? We cannot just speak it and not live it as well saints!

Don't Let Pride Rise Up In Your Heart

YAHWEH forgets not the cry of the humble. We should humble ourselves, fast and pray to turn from our wicked ways. HE will hear if we will get out of our pride and let YAHWEH work in us. Don't let that pride rise up in your heart when the Word comes to judge you. Judgment comes to keep us in that straight and narrow path, for so many seek to go the broad way. That is the true love of YAHWEH when HE corrects HIS house, because HE wants to see HIS house saved.

We Have Got To Open Our Hearts Unto YAHWEH

Prayer changes things and is also a mighty powerful strength. YAHSHUA MESSIYAH'S last test came in the Garden of Gethsemane and prayer was HIS strength. It is going to have to be ours also saints. When we come into YAHWEH's Set Apart place ABBA YAHWEH has got to be real within our hearts saints. We have got to open our hearts unto HIM. 

Let Us Show Satan That ABBA YAHWEH Is Real In Our Hearts

Satan desires to draw you into his net with his words. He waits to see if the words we speak are really true. He sends a spirit to see if we are going to revert back to this flesh of ours or if we are going to trust YAHWEH or seek YAHWEH for counsel and guidance. We should say arise O YAHWEH and help me for I am in the need of prayer. Purge me and cleanse me with hyssop YAHWEH that my heart may be pure and that I walk in your might for I am weak. We are all made strong through the ALMIGHTY power of ABBA YAHWEH. Let us show Satan that ABBA YAHWEH is real in our hearts.

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