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YAHWEH Reveals To HIS People: The Origin And Etymology Of Names

For all people will walk every one in the name of his god, and we will walk in the NAME of YAHWEH our ABBA (FATHER) for ever and ever.

If YAHWEH is a god, ought not HIS NAME be written in text like the other gods? If a god's name transfers the same from the Old Covenant to the New Covenant, ought not YAHWEH's NAME do the same? Do you think that YAHWEH intended for the name of the other gods to be there and not HIS NAME? YAHWEH is the most sacred NAME upon the earth. HE is the MIGHTY ONE and HE will not share HIS honour with no other!

We Must Be Led By The Spirit Of YAHWEH

There are errors in the book that we think we know. All Scripture is given by the inspiration of YAHWEH, but there are things when man puts his hand to, he makes a mistake. Anything that man puts his hand to he will corrupt it. That is why we must be led by the Spirit of YAHWEH. We must know HIS Spirit and that is the power of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH as HE reveals HIMSELF unto HIS people from the inward parts.

The Terminology God Is So Acceptable Today

Mikah (Micah) 4:5 is a prophecy of the end time, concerning the latter days that shall come upon the face of the earth. This is speaking of our time, the time that we are in now. The prophecy says that in this hour you are going to find everyone walking in the name of their god, the Baptist god, the Methodist, the Pentecostal, the Seven Day Advent, Presbyterian, they all have their gods. All their gods are different and that is why the terminology god is so acceptable today. "I love god." They will all tell you that they know god but what god do they know? YAHWEH never identified HIMSELF as a god, for HE is greater than a god! All gods are made. They are idols and they have no power at all. 

They Have Followed After Strange Gods

Acts 7:42-43 The names of the gods are transported from the Old to the New Covenant and do not loose their sound, they are the same in the Greek and the Hebrew. They maintained the same identity and character and yet the ABBA'S (FATHER'S) NAME has no identity. YAHWEH says that because they have followed after these strange gods HE will take them into Babylon where there will be mass confusion. That is what Babylonia is, mass confusion. You will not understand the things that are needed and necessary for your soul. That is this generation, it cannot nor has any ability to discern, because everything is purported or substantiated by emotions and feelings. They do not base things upon things that are relevant to truth and reveals to man WHO the ONE is that gives truth. Our traditions and the things that we have learned have never revealed unto us the power of truth to make us free from the bondage of this flesh.

A Simple Dictionary Will Show The Origin Of Names And Places

Psalms 145:21 A memorial is something that we build or establish to bring into remembrance the one that has given us great honour or things in life, that we may remember that person. You can search the Old and the New Covenant and there were names of kings and cities, named after their gods, to bring into memory and make a memorial of that god, that the name of that god would always be in the minds of the people. A simple dictionary will show the origin of names and places.

O YAHWEH, You are our ABBA, our REDEEMER; Your NAME is from everlasting.


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