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The Law Of The Spirit Of YAHWEH Battles The Law Of The Flesh

There is a battle of the spirit; a fleshly encroachment upon the Law of YAHWEH. The flesh will try to find loop holes around the pure things of YAHWEH. If you are making excuses for the flesh then you know that you are not being led by YAHWEH's Ruwach (Spirit). The first thing that the Spirit does is come to judge.

YAHWEH Commands Us And Instructs Us By The Power Of HIS Law

YAHWEH commands us and instructs us by the power of HIS Law, that there must be a transformation and not a conformity to the world. The only way that that is going to be done is by the power of the Spirit of YAHWEH which is HIS Ruwach. Man today declares that they have the "Holy Spirit", yet there is no viability of the character and the traits of what they call the Spirit of YAHWEH operating in them. There is one thing that the Qodesh Ruwach (Set apart spirit) does, it brings about the governing power of YAHWEH in a man.

YAHWEH Has Given Power To Battle Against The Law Of The Flesh

YAHWEH has given unto the true house of Yisrael the power to battle against the encroachment, or the law of the flesh that we can live by the Spirit of the Law of the TORAH. This generation is not one that will give itself over unto the pure desire to please YAHWEH. We believe that YAHSHUA was the Son of the ABBA (FATHER) and that HE understood the will of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH, to the perfect intention and what it would reveal, the purpose and even the hope in that. Yet the great power struggle in HIS mind that HE had to go through at the place called Gethsemane and fall on HIS face with great drops of sweat like blood that fell off of HIM, to get some kind of assurance from the ABBA.

Serve The Law Of YAHWEH

ROMANS 7:24-25 O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death?  I thank YAHWEH through YAHSHUA MESSIYAH our Saviour. So then with the mind I myself serve the Law of YAHWEH; but with the flesh the law of sin. With the mind we serve the Law of YAHWEH, with the Spirit that YAHWEH has placed within us we serve the righteous Law of YAHWEH, but with the flesh the law of sin and death. The law of sin in our flesh will overtake us unless there is battle and a power that controls this law of sin in our flesh. That is why MESSIYAH came, to break every shackle, every power and every bondage of sin. We are made free through the Law of MESSIYAH.

Natural Body Has It's Own Laws

The natural body has it's own laws; what it perceives is right, what it perceives is love, and what it perceives is appropriate. All these things in our body work death, which is a divide between you and the ABBA YAHWEH. Unless a man can actually judge himself with the righteous judgment of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH he has no understanding of what judgment is. 

YAHWEH Is Greater Than The Forces Of Flesh

We are of no value unto ABBA YAHWEH unless we abound in the fruitful labour of the ABBA. HE is coming for an abundant of fruit. Any time that your mind is set on things of this earth you have a condemnation in you, a sentence of death that is working in you already. Each day it separates you farther and farther from the ABBA YAHWEH. That is what the enemy has used in this hour to combat the power of the Spirit, for YAHWEH is the Ruwach (Spirit) and HE is greater than the forces of flesh.

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