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YAHWEH Is Found Of Those That Seek HIM

If you seek YAHWEH, HE will be found of you; but if you forsake HIM, HE will cast you off for ever.

It is so pure when YAHWEH opens up a heart of a man to seek after truth. Men say that they seek truth, but there is a difference between seeking truth and reading about or hearing truth. When a man begins to seek truth he applies his whole self to that; mind, soul, body and all. For in the power of that truth there is great deliverance from every crutch and bondage of sin. 

Set Your Heart And Your Soul To seek YAHWEH Your ABBA

In this hour we must seek and find the gems of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH. We have spent time seeking all kinds of things and they have not rewarded our lives in any way at all. We need the anointing of YAHWEH and in order to get that we must tarry before YAHWEH, get our hearts right and speak unto the ABBA (FATHER) that we may be filled with HIS Spirit. When a man's soul is right that means that his flesh is right too. 

Seek And Find The Power Of The Things OF YAHWEH

Why can we not seek and find the power of the things that YAHWEH intends for us to find? We are trying to find YAHWEH in every kind of way that there is and we have not found HIM. In this hour of battles that we are engaged in the enemy is trying to destroy our faith and our love. The only way that he can get power over us to do that is by the cares of this life and the things of this world. Moshe chose rather to suffer with the people of YAHWEH rather than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season.

Let The Heart Of Them Rejoice That Seek YAHWEH

MESSIYAH YAHSHUA gave us insight unto the ONE that we should worship and there is only one! That is why we should rejoice in YAHSHUA. They shall praise YAHWEH that seek him: But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the ABBA in spirit and in truth: for the ABBA seeketh such to worship HIM.

And He Did Evil, Because He Prepared Not His Heart To Seek YAHWEH

Why is YAHWEH allowing adversities to come upon HIS people? Adversities will cause you to truly seek YAHWEH. When your mind gets twisted and "nutty", YAHWEH subjects that that you may get on your face and seek HIM. In order to seek you must diligently and with all effort apply all your energy to find it out. Are you truly seeking YAHWEH? Was your mind on yesterday or today given over to seeking HIS guidance and understanding on anything? 

But if from thence you shall seek YAHWEH your ABBA, you shall find HIM, if you seek HIM with all your heart and with all your soul.

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