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We Must Be Led By The Spirit Of YAHWEH

And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith YAHWEH,
I will pour out of MY Spirit upon all flesh: 

Only by the Qodesh Ruwach (Set Apart Spirit) of YAHWEH is the message of MESSIYAH going to be preached. There is only one way that the profound truth of YAHWEH is going to be uttered and a man that is from the coastal regions of Nigeria will know the wonderful Words of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH. 

How Do All Languages Convey Spiritual Things?

In the nation of Nigeria, not in the continent of Africa, but in the nation of Nigeria there are 505 different languages. There are over six thousand languages in the world. The Scriptures have only been translated into 400 different languages. How do they in a language from that nation convey the things that are spiritual to a people that have not been taught? An expert linguist explains that "there are things in Scripture that are basically in other languages metaphors. What they do is take some form of spiritual worship or what they call god and take the metaphor of that language and they use that metaphor that they will have a consciousness of what is taking place. They take the metaphor of some kind of strange Shamanism and say this is MESSIYAH.

The Word Of YAHWEH Is Going To Be Understood

The only way that the Word of YAHWEH is going to be understood is that it must be preached by spirit filled men. When these men speak it will be known that it is the wonderful Word of YAHWEH in their own tongue and in their own language. Men today must be filled with the spirit and empowered by the anointing of YAHWEH. 

The Spirit Of YAHWEH Dwells In The Tabernacle

In the second chapter of Acts the place that the apostles were all in the tabernacle when the Spirit of YAHWEH was poured out. Tradition has told us that they were in the upper room, but there was only one place that they could be. They had to be in the place where the Spirit of YAHWEH dwelled and that was the tabernacle because the anointing filled the place. The men out of every nation began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance.

For as many as are led by the Spirit of YAHWEH, they are the sons of YAHWEH. 

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