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our redeemer; THY NAME is from everlasting.

"YAHWEH" Is The Father's Name To Be Honored

YAHWEH's Passover, Where HE Puts HIS NAME Now And Forever

We keep the Passover in MESSIYAH because YAHWEH put HIS name in YAHSHUA and it is through HIS blood that we are kept. 3-27-4


The only way any man is going to resist Satan is to submit himself unto the hand of YAHWEH.  7-19-3

YAHWEH's NAME Is The Power Of HIS Character

The more than you understand YAHWEH's NAME the more HIS attributes are manifested. 7-23-3

YAHWEH Sent YAHSHUA To Bring Us Into Oneness With HIM

Collectively as a body we have a unified power that surpasses any dominion, principalities or spirit on the face of the earth. 7-26-3

The Power And The Authority By The NAME YAHWEH

The witness of the Old Covenant in Debarim (Deuteronomy) promised a people to be known by the NAME of YAHWEH.  8-2-3

YAHSHUA Loves And Declares The Truth Of FATHER YAHWEH's NAME

If god is a holy name then Satan, which scripture calls the god of this earth,  is a holy god.  10-18-3

Only YAHWEH's People Will Give Honor Unto HIS NAME

YAHWEH's NAME should be as a parent's name having special meaning and the power of love, confidence and protection in that name.  10-25-3

We Must Declare HIS Mighty Power, The Name Of FATHER YAHWEH

The word declare means to make known, to speak, preach, advertise, broadcast, express, to carry a message and announce thorough places.  10-29-3

Commandment: Be Ye Holy As YAHWEH Is Holy

Holiness is a mindset, character and a heart that is SetApart from the desires of the world. 11-3-4

Scriptural Understanding and Revelation Of The Name YAHWEH

The only way that you are going to know the power and understanding of the FATHER is by knowing HIS NAME YAHWEH. 11-5-3

The Subjects Of KING YAHWEH Are Sealed Unto Eternal Life

If we are YAHWEH's then there must be a seal upon us that we are sealed with that the kings of this earth may know that we are the property or authenticity of YAHWEH's people. 11-19-3

The Revealed Truth In Our Hearts That YAHWEH Is Our  SAVIOUR

MESSIYAH YAHSHUA came in HIS FATHER's NAME to bring us the hope and assurance of our SAVIOUR YAHWEH. 11-22-3

You Can Love YAHWEH's NAME By HIS Spirit And HIS Anointing

You cannot love YAHWEH nor know of HIS great power without loving HIS NAME and you cannot love without the spirit of YAHWEH and HIS anointing. 11-29-3

YAHWEH Is Everlasting, For HE Has No Beginning Or No End

All we have to do is just believe in the NAME of the SON YAHSHUA that YAHWEH has sent. 12-13-3

YAHWEH, HIS NAME Is Forever And It Is To Be For A Memorial

YAHWEH's yoke is easy and HIS burden is light. The only way that you will understand that is you must first learn of HIM. 12-17-3

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