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The Offences Come When The Heart Is Easily Offended

Great peace have they which love YAHWEH's Law: and nothing shall offend them.

Scripture gives us a complete assurance as to how we can walk without being offended and the reason why we are so easily offended.. It does not take much to offend this generation and we must understand what the offense brings unto us. When we allow an offense to come then we begin to judge unfavourably with a wicked perception of judgment. We do not want to actually find ourselves in Scripture that we may be judged and can rectify and correct these things, that they may be made right before ALMIGHTY YAHWEH. Scriptures tells us how to deal with our brothers and sisters, it tells us how to honour those that have rule and authority, and it gives us all implicit instructions in the way of life. 

The Meaning Of Offend

The meaning of offend in the Greek Lexicon #4624 skandalizo {skan-dal-id'-zo} ("scandalize") to cause a person to begin to distrust and desert one whom he ought to trust and obey; to cause to fall away; to be offended in one, i.e. to see in another what I disapprove of and what hinders me from acknowledging his authority; to cause one to judge unfavourably or unjustly of another.

YAHWEH Brings About Correction

YAHWEH brings about correction in HIS people to show them the sins that separates them from HIM. It is the sin that separates from YAHWEH. The little foxes that destroy the vine. It is the leaven of your own heart that keeps you from prayer and truly pressing to get close to the ABBA (FATHER). Those that are led by the spirit are the SONS Of YAHWEH. We cannot be led by our emotions and our feelings. We must be led by the Law, ordinances and statutes of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH. A statute is a pronouncement to show you what YAHWEH's limitations are and what HE requires of you. YAHWEH has given us limitations in every aspect of our lives that we must obey and follow in order for us to procure the riches of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH.

The Law Of Righteousness Is Absent

YAHWEH must draw you unto HIM, for HE is the one that pulls you close to HIM, not some religious practice. We must understand that and what is in our own hearts. Once we begin to understand that we can begin with a liberal spirit allow YAHWEH to begin to remove those things out of our heart that literally corrupt our thinking, our ability to move in the spirit, our ability to receive and acknowledge truth. That is why it is difficult to acknowledge truth and there is not a praise and thankfulness that YAHWEH would speak a profound Word unto us to reveal unto to us; what we literally need and what is necessary for our lives. YAHWEH tells us to exalt, to bless and to praise HIM. You find that very difficult to do because the Law of Righteousness is absent from our lives.

This Generation Is Offended At YAHWEH

A revelation of truth from YAHWEH is the light and power of YAHSHUA MESSIYAH in the seed of the Word. The seed of the Word is the mind, personality and purpose of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH. This generation is offended at YAHWEH, it is not as much offense with man as it is YAHWEH. We think what YAHWEH says is a reproach, we have distain for what HE tells us to do, we do not like HIS instructions. We do not want anyone to rule over us. The scepter of YAHWEH, which is not a determent to man, should rule in our hearts, for it is a blessing. It brings about the fullness of HIS shalom. You must have a law and be governed or where would you be.

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