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The Pagan Worship of Idols

Men have their pagan thanksgivings, their pagan fourth of July celebration, their pagan cupids and valentines day celebration. They are all pagan and deny the power of YAHWEH. There is no love or purity of heart for YAHWEH, for if there was they would obey HIS Law. They say that the fourth commandment has no relevance today. Man has gone after strange identities to whereby he identifies with all kinds of gods. It makes no difference what the name is or the power, he identifies with them all. Whether it is medicine, their emotions or singing, they identify with their powers that rule. 

Are You Given Over To Worshipping Pagan Idols?

In the midst of all this paganism they will revel with their signs, rituals and activities. Ninety-nine percent of all that call themselves "Christians" their activities are steeped in paganism. I would not want to call myself a "Christian" with all the things that are being done in the name of "god". They have given their selves over to worship their pagan jesus, christo and their pagan identities.

"Christ" Is A Pagan Idiom

Scripture tells us that we know that you love YAHWEH when you keep HIS commandments. Today there is a dark power of hell, Satan himself, for he knows that he has but a short time to finish his work. Millions are going to see their passion in this "Passion of Christ". It has nothing to do with MESSIYAH! It has to do with their "Christ" and that is a pagan idiom. The name Jesus is pagan for it is not the true identity of MESSIYAH. No saint of YAHWEH should go to a movie house for it is an abominable thing. It is the synagogue of hell for every time that you go into a place like that you are selling your soul to hell. That which is highly esteemed among man is an abomination unto YAHWEH.

You Cannot Continue To Walk In Paganism

Man consumes his time by pagan activities on their sun worship day; their football games, and their pagan easter.  YAHWEH never said for us to indulge in Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries. Every day is a grateful day that we have. We should be thankful unto YAHWEH that HE has granted unto us knowledge, truth and revelation of HIS SON's testimony that HE came in HIS FATHER's NAME. You cannot continue to walk in the pagan name of Jesus. You must be baptized in the NAME of the FATHER, by the power of the SON through the direction and the authority of the Ruwach (spirit) of YAHWEH.

You Say That You Have Never Done Anything Pagan?

You say that you have never done anything pagan yet you kept your "Christmas" and you found some way around the pure Law of YAHWEH to participate in your pagan activities. All of the "whorehouses" on their "sun worship" day, their lord par excellence, their sun deity, their Phoenician gods and spirits, they will extol them with great reverence, and they will denounce the Sabbath of YAHWEH. 

The children gather wood, and the fathers kindle the fire, and the women knead their dough, to make cakes to the queen of heaven, and to pour out drink offerings unto other gods, that they may provoke YAHWEH to anger.

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