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They that are lead by the Ruach are the Sons of YAHWEH

YAHWEH's Messianic Fellowships


Yahweh's Sword Messianic site is dedicated  to bringing various Yahweh fellowships and individuals together for fellowship in spirit and truth with the same mind of YAHSHUA.

Services will be held at verious location and all are welcome that love Yahshua and hope in Him. See below for all the congregations and fellowship places available.

Fellowship Locations

Please contact Pastor Roberts with your details and photos your Fellowship details to be added.

The House Of Israel, Baltimore, Maryland

Elder David Johnson oversees "The House Of Israel - The Assembly Of YAHWEH" in Baltimore, Maryland.

YAHWEH's Congregation - Jefferson, South Carolina

Yahweh's Congregation is located in Jefferson South Carolina at Victory Community. We are a small community assembly with Pastor Roberts taking the over-site of all the daily activities at the assembly and the community.