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Excerpts From YAHWEH's Word
Preached to Victory Congregation

We would like to share some soul-searching phrases taken from Pastor Roberts' messages.

What a wonderful hour and time that YAHWEH has granted unto us to be in to bring forth witnesses of HIS profound truth and the integrity of HIS NAME, for HIS NAME is above all names.

The Word of YAHWEH comes against every standard of your self-righteousness and it breaks down every strong hold of your natural fleshly ways to show you your sins. That is what it does; it does not operate according to your demands, however it operates according to the Law of YAHWEH

The fear of YAHWEH is the beginning of wisdom, so if a man begins to reverence YAHWEH then his heart begins to understand how mighty and how powerful HE is.

Great understanding have all they that keep YAHWEH's Commandments and if we would try to understand what YAHWEH is trying to tell us it would be a wellspring of life unto us.

Because we have hope through YAHSHUA MESSIYAH it brings a spiritual enlightenment that our hearts pant or rejoice in the truth of that Law for we know that in the Law is life.

YAHWEH intends for us to come out from this wicked nation to be a separate people that we can worship HIM, for that is our separation.

YAHSHUA came to open the righteous door that will show the way unto the ABBA YAHWEH so HE can receive pure worship from the lips of the saints of YAHWEH.

The Law of the Spirit dwells in a man's mind and whatever your mind is given over unto takes delight in and is constantly occupied with, has taken supreme identity in your life. You will build everything else in your life around that. When YAHWEH becomes that supreme mighty power in our lives then we will acknowledge HIM by obedience unto HIS Commandments and HIS Laws.

If you will search scripture you will see that in every incident where YAHWEH saved HIS people HE brought them out of every kind of system of tradition and HE set them apart whereby HE may impart into them a profound knowledge of truth. 

Man is going to be judged by every "idol" word and there are words that are idols unto us, words that we hold as an object of passionate devotion.

We must be lead by the Spirit of YAHWEH and the only way that we are going to have that great anointing is to fall in HIS presence and truly desire HIM above all things.

When the children of Yisrael were leaving Egypt and the soldiers were marching upon them it was as it is today with these vile spirits of darkness challenging the faith of the saints, YAHWEH is allowing us to see the corruption and beastly evil in us that we may know HIS mighty power of yeshua and deliverance.

Every religion today uses that expression "god" to express their deity, because it is superior to them. That thing that they count as superior has the pentacle or the strength of their mind and they give themselves over unto the leadership or the guidance of that. YAHWEH was not to be confused with the other "gods" for HE was Set Apart and HIS NAME was Set Apart from every one of them. HIS NAME was not associated with any of them and nor is it today!

When you are whole you should sense the great healing, the mighty wholeness of YAHWEH for your mind is at peace, your mind is settled, your heart has confidence and there is no doubt at all.

In this last hour YAHWEH will have an assembly, a congregation of people from all walks of life, a people that are scattered about all the earth that will come together collectively in the spirit of truth and righteousness to worship the ABBA YAHWEH in acknowledgement and blessings.

We have the power of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH dwelling in us; we simply have to understand how to use what he has given us.

We ask YAHWEH to protect us from the wiles of the enemy that comes to corrupt our minds and our thoughts, to rob us of that seed of life and that is the true Word of YAHWEH that HE imparts into our souls that it may bring forth fruit.

YAHWEH wants HIS people to call upon HIS NAME with a loud distinct voice and sincerely cry out to HIM knowing that HE is able to do all things. HE does not want us to call upon HIM in the privacy of our heart or our thoughts, HE literally wants us to call upon HIM.

It takes the anointing and the firepower of YAHWEH's truth to transform a man that the Law will become real unto him. 

You cannot love YAHWEH nor know of HIS great power without loving HIS NAME and you cannot love without the spirit of YAHWEH and HIS anointing.

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